2017 · July

Weathering the Storms

Hello, Readers!

I swear, every time I think I’m headed in the right direction another wrench falls. Tuesday found me in a fit of worry as my oldest daughter had been caught the night before in monsoon type rains. The vehicle she was coming home in had slid from the road and it was too slick to get it back on there. Instead, they were all forced to take shelter at a local house with the driver’s mother.

While I’m eternally grateful they had someone so close by to get them to safety, it left me in a fit of worry. Not only was my daughter caught out in that crap, but she had my grandsons with her as well. I’m thankful that they were all safe through it all.

The next day the storm had lifted enough and they were able to pull the car free. I thought, surely, she’d head straight home. That wasn’t the case. Instead, she went to the mall with the driver and didn’t return home until late the next day. It left me in a continual worrying mental state that affected my entire day.

I wasn’t able to focus around any of it. Thankfully I had my hubby man there by my side to hold me together. Yet, I felt horrible due to the fact that he’d taken the day off because we hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before as we worried about her, and he’d taken the day off in case we needed to go fetch them.

After all was said and done, it was life, as usual, that night.

Yesterday brought its own challenges. It was my birthday. I spent the morning relaxing. The plan had been to sit with the hubby man and have him help me work out another plot. He’s incredible for bouncing ideas off and finding the holes I need to fill in an idea before they become much of a problem. However, that isn’t how it worked.

He needed to run to the store to grab things for my birthday dinner and I wanted to head for Barnes and Noble to pick up some books. It was a normal run that would only take an hour or three at max. Only, that wasn’t what was to happen.

There was a terribly unfortunate accident on the freeway before we got on. A small plane had crashed onto the freeway and exploded. It was completely heartbreaking to hear that none of them had survived, but yet there were no further injuries to those on the freeway as somehow, they’d crashed in a lull of traffic.

My heart goes out to those families. I can’t imagine the heartache they are feeling with the loss of loved ones.

That also caused repercussions in traffic. On our way back from Barnes and Noble we didn’t go to the freeway as it was surely backed up and people were told to avoid it. However, that also meant that any main roads running between cities were just as packed. A normal fifteen-minute drive took us over an hour of bumper to bumper traffic. So, my birthday was spent mainly doing running yesterday.

While that could have been a real downer it wasn’t. My hubby man is hysterical and he made the time in the vehicle hilarious and a lot of fun. He made me a special dinner that night and we all sat down to watch television together. My youngest daughter gave me a facial and we spent the night watching movies and learning about writing screenplays.

All in all, with everything that happened in the last two days…it was an amazing birthday and everything turned out alright with my oldest daughter and grandsons. Blessings indeed there.

Now, I need to get things set and get some work done today. I really need to work on getting back on schedule. That seems to be the hard part for me, anymore. I will get there, though.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

One thought on “Weathering the Storms

  1. Sounds like an amazing Birthday. I am glad your daughter and grandsons are safe but sorry you had to be part of the terrible accident

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