2017 · August

The Search for Answers

Hello, Readers!

Over the last while I’ve pulled away from social media. In part has been due to the much busier schedule. Yet if I’m honest with myself it only has a small bit to do with such a thing.

Another part of it has to do with still setting a normality for myself as over the last few months my life has stayed within a perpetual state of change. that is, after all, another great excuse on why I haven’t gotten on here to write so much as a blog post.

Sure every once in awhile, I’d remember and write one saying I was back on track and would be returning, which turned more into a random post every once in awhile.

The truth was I wasn’t sure I’d ever fully return to anything. More than doubt ridden, I was going to quit writing completely. This wasn’t due to the lack of self-confidence, though I had and still have plenty of it.

It’s been more of a chance to take time for self-discovery of not only who I am, but what I want out of life. I’ve had to look at not only my writing career but also my personal life as well.

I won’t say that has been a particularly easy thing for me to do. Even for as much time as I love to spend in deep thought, it is never easy to do so on one’s self. Still, it had to be done.

After long periods of thought, I set to work on first straightening out my personal life, which was really a matter of reconnecting with the hubby man and ensuring we were on the same page and as close as ever. That half of everything was the easiest to accomplish. It turns out with picking up a much-needed date schedule/life we are still connected and going strong. The only thing the dating has done is allowed us time to be best friends, a couple, and allows us that alone time we need to talk on deeper levels.

While this was important for us it still didn’t fully bring me back to my writing. No, that would be a process of even more months. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll already know this has been a struggle on and off for many years.

I wasn’t so sure a professional writing career was for me. While I’d never stop writing, doing so professionally might not be for me. Yet, I couldn’t help myself as all I’ve ever wanted was to have people read my work. For even just a few people to love my worlds and characters as much as I did. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten all that, and only recently have rediscovered it. That discovery took a lot of work to come back to.

I’ve been reading a ton of novels. I swear every two weeks like clockwork we end up back at our local Barnes and Noble. While the place is packed with novels of all sorts I continually find myself in the writing section. This last trip I’ve discovered something I own most of that section. Some have helped me along the way and some have been a waste of my money.

This was never the fault of the writing novel by any means. Rather it had more to do with what I was searching for wasn’t contained within the pages, none of the pages actually. While some helped me in other forms none answered the question I didn’t realize still bothered me.

That question was ‘What genre did I actually belong in?’ Over this week I’ll go over some of what has led me to the decision to write mainly within a large genre.

Until then, remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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