2017 · October

Work Halloween Party Prep and NaNo Countdown

Hello, Readers!

Now if that isn’t a mouthful right there. There is so much to do in these last few days before NaNo begins. I’m still not ready for it. At least, not fully, but I’m getting that NaNo excitement going so I should be okay in the long run.

That is if I survive the Halloween Party Creations first. Every year, the hubby man’s work throws a Halloween party at work. For the last two years, I’ve been making them cakes and last year I made goodies that go with the theme.

Last year, I made a huge spellbook cake to go in the so-called kitchen of their castle and I made s’more Hocus Pocus suckers to go with it.

This year, they are doing Carnival of Souls so the cake will be an evil clown bust. The treats to go with it will be bloody popcorn (thank you American Horror Story for that one) and captured soul cookie balls that range from a variety of clowns, sideshow freaks, and other ghoulies that have all met their demise.

I still have to paint the captured souls that are all handcrafted faces on the cookie balls with modeling chocolate. The bloody popcorn still needs to be made and I have everything to do to prep the cake.

I’ve also still got NaNo prep to do and watching my adorable grandbabies. Unfortunately, the oldest isn’t feeling good so he wants more than the usual attention. Somehow, I shall get it all done as always.

I am super excited for NaNo this year as it’ll be a real challenge for me to prove that given as much as my life has changed I can still get my work done. Especially as I’ve spent so much time again not writing. I’m working on fixing all of that so I can move easier from one project to another.

Now, it is time to get to work for me. Until next time, Readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it)


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