2017 · October

Busy Day

Hello, Readers!

I’m really getting to this blog post late today. It’s been crazy. Today all six of the cakes were baked and put in the freezer ready to go. That was it’s own fiasco there. Between trying to balance the baking while watching my grandsons and working with a new cake recipe it was interesting. Still, we managed to survive that with little catastrophe.

We also managed to paint all of the Captured Soul Cookie Balls and get them bagged and ready to go. I promise after the main cake is finished I will post pictures of all of these adventures.

The bloody popcorn was finished late last night, bagged and ready to go as well. So we are sitting pretty. I will start putting it together the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow will be spent fussing on a few projects, but mainly relaxing a bit before assembly begins. If you’ve ever built a large cake you can understand how time-consuming it can be.

As for NaNo, I am still really looking forward to settling into a regular routine of writing once more. While I still have to plan the Hubby Man’s big 4-0 birthday party and decide what we are doing for it, I will have a break for a few weeks before that has to be settled. The unfortunate part for him is his actual birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so we will celebrate it a different day.

I know one thing is for sure. I will be glad to have my cake stuff put back away for awhile and reclaim my house. It’s a bit of a disaster at this moment. Soon, very soon it’ll be back to looking like a normal house and less like a bakery.

Until then, Readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.


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