2018 · January

Eclectic Taste in Books

Hello, Readers! Happy Wednesday!

I hope that so far your week has proven to be a fairly good one and if you’re in the more frigid area that you’re finding a way to stay warm.

While I have gotten some writing done yesterday it wasn’t enough to make me feel truly proud about it, but as I’m consistently¬†reminded that progress forward is a good thing. I just know what I’m capable of and how much I blew away time playing on Facebook and other resources.

Today will be different for me as I’ve started the novel now it is just a matter of getting back to writing it and as I know what the part is that I’m going to write it should be fairly easy today.

As for the title of my blog post I have to admit to having a very eclectic taste in reading materials as well as writing materials. I’ve started to read ‘Ready Player One’ that my son got me for Christmas. For all the hype around it, I thought it would be a serious page-turner, but I don’t think that I’ve hit that point within the novel as I can still put it down for long periods of time between readings. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad book, just one that I’m not far enough into to make a judgment call on.

I did start reading ‘Seducing the Dragon’ by Jessie Donovan which is a dragon-shifter paranormal romance. I started the novel yesterday morning and I finished it this morning only stopping yesterday long enough to take care of some household duties and get some work done. Now that is a page-turning book that I truly enjoyed. Definitely, a steamy five star read. I will be purchasing the next one in that series as soon as I finish ‘Ready Player One’.

I do have a few nonfiction reads I’m working on as well that I’ll discuss more as I finish them. Until then it is time to dig into work once more. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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