2018 · January

Not the Week I Imagined

Hello, Readers!

Wow, my writing week was terrible. I didn’t officially get started on getting any writing done until Wednesday. While I did manage to kick out a nice 3k, it took me far longer than it usually does to get there. Still, I’ll celebrate an accomplishment. After taking so long off writing, I was impressed.

Now that I had the basis of the 3k the first day, I decided to double my word count on the WIP. Which I managed to do bringing my word count up over 6k. To say that I was blown away would have been an understatement. I was thrilled. Two days in a row and I was doing amazing. I just needed to push myself closer to that 10k marker the third day, which meant Friday.

Wow, how the doubt set in by Friday. I was second guessing what I was writing and the direction I was taking it. Maybe I was doing things wrong. It wasn’t going to be easy to come up with the next chapter because the last one was astray (at this point that was chapter three and I was already freaking out, it was horrible). So, I rewrote chapter two, which meant losing the second 3k and reworking the whole thing on Friday. I figured I would just fix that chapter and then move onto the next, only it didn’t happen that way.

The hubby man was working from home and I found myself wandering out to the living room more than I should have. In reality, when I kept finding myself so distracted, I should have packed up my bag and went to the library to get my work done. Hindsight is twenty-twenty and all that jazz. Needless to say, I ended what I considered my work day, Friday, over four hundred words behind where I was on Thursday. It was bad for me. I felt defeated.

Saturday rolled around and the hubby was off work, which meant he was going to sleep in and my office is in our room. Again, the hindsight thing should have worked in a notebook until he awoke. Instead, I wasted my entire morning watching Youtube videos about nothing that interesting and wasting every minute. When he got up we then spent the entire day playing computer games or watching television shows.

I didn’t read anything. I didn’t write anything. It was like all my old habits were back and I hadn’t been bothering to change them at all.

Fine, I’ll give Saturday a break because everyone needs a little downtime. I won’t lie, it felt good to hang out with the hubby man.

So Sunday, I wake up and waste almost the entire day on Youtube and a small amount playing a computer game. I’ve prolonged prewriting the blog posts for this week because I didn’t want to face this. I didn’t do any of my writing like I wanted and I haven’t read anything. Sometimes I admit to even wondering if writing is the career I want any more and if I do, why do I keep pushing it all off. I’m sure that is something I will keep puzzling over.

Until then, it is Sunday currently and I am working on all those blog posts. This week I’m hoping to have a 20k week in total between last week and this one. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) it isn’t always easy.

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