2018 · January

Old Habits in all Walks of Life

Hello, Readers!

I’ve had some very sick children in my house with multiple trips to doctors so it has been one of little writing. There is no surprise there.

Now if I were honest with myself the sick children weren’t the entirety of the issue. I was. I always am. In all aspects of my creative life, I have a tendency to leave half finish projects everywhere. Quilts that never got finished. Crocheted blankets that are only part way done. It would only serve that even my own writing would have a littering of half fished projects everywhere. My external drive is where partial manuscripts go to die. It’s terrible.

Two years ago I realized this about myself and started working hard to finish these things. I finished the crochet winter helmet hat my husband wanted, polished off his Deadpool afghan and then I started finishing books. Malevolent Mind to be precise. It felt so great to be finishing things and then…somewhere along the way I forgot that aspect of my personality.

Doing so meant litterings of half-finished projects once more. I fell into old habits of starting things and then changing what I was doing. Books weren’t getting read. Crochet projects were half done. And my writing, wow did that suffer the most.

I was reminded of this once again as I was puzzling out what was going on with me once more. It was quite the wakeup call to realize I’d fallen into old habits of not finishing things I’d started in all walks of my life. This is definitely going to be something that I work harder on and leave myself reminds of around the house. If I’m honest, my kids could learn it too. They’ve been watching their mom too closely and aren’t finishing things they start either.

I’ll be printing signs for myself off and hanging them around the house. I need to remember this and work harder to finish my projects, all the projects.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Old Habits in all Walks of Life

    1. As soon as the afghan is washed I’ll post pictures for you. It’s the Deadpool one I finished. As for the helmet hat I have no idea where Brad put it. I gave it to him for him to use and it’s disappeared so I’m unsure on that one.

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