2018 · February

One year, five year, and ten year plans

Hello, Readers!

I totally missed my Friday blog post. As I’ve had problems motivating myself to sit down and write these posts ahead of time, it makes it hard on days when I’m actually busy to squeeze them in. That was completely my fault. Last Friday was my daughter’s science fair at the college among another day the hubby man was working from home – so – not a productive day for me at all.

I have to admit to feeling rather scattered with my writing career, but I’m finally starting to make plans for where I want to go with this and what I want to accomplish. They weren’t kidding when they tell you it can take up to ten years to start sorting things out. It’s been seven years since I decided to sit down and really make a go of it.

Wow, what a crazy journey it has been so far. Since I’m in the state of mind to refuse to call them anything that hasn’t worked a mistake, I shall be calling them lessons about how not to do things. Trust me, there have been plenty of them too. I’ve learned what not to put in novels, how not to construct them, that you can’t go easy on editing, book covers matter, and so much more. I can also say that there are so many more things to learn as well.

Yesterday, though, I decided I was no longer going to be wandering aimlessly in the dark. It was time to get serious about this even further and really make decisions to stick behind. Especially if I want to do this professionally. To do that, I have to act like a professional, instead of a girl with a writing hobby.

That meant I needed to sit down and figure out where my true passion lied in all this writing, where I see my writing in the future and begin to make plans on how to reach those goals.

Thanks to the amazing hubby man, I have made a list of things I want to see finished this year, versus in five years and in ten. I’ve begun working out a series of step plans to get it all in order and start checking things off my list. It’s time to take control over my life and quit letting my self-doubt and emotions run the show.

Now that I have a plan it’s time to put it into motion. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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