Head Colds are the Worst

Hello, Readers!!

This blog post is quite late in coming about. Normally I like to keep a few posts ready to be scheduled when things like this happen, but I’ve burned through them on various occasions and need to supply some more. This head cold has really knocked me on my behind the last couple of days, but while sleeping most of today away I have to admit that once I quit fighting it, I feel much better now. It still is here, but hopefully, by tomorrow it won’t be or at least be in the realm of almost gone.

Anyway, now that I’m starting to come around a bit more I’m starting to dig back into work. It’s slow moving at first as I’ve spent so much time away from a lot of it. Getting back in the habit of journaling every day and using my bullet journal to keep track of tasks I need to accomplish in a day will be a struggle at first, but I’ll get back to where I was.

As for my writing, while I hit a few days that saw barely over a hundred, I still moved forward most of the days. That is progress for me along my journey. Not simply with finishing the novel, but on a level of accomplishing things. Often times a cold would knock me out for a week or two and I’d lose track of the novel I was working on. I’d lose my thrill and drive for it and want to not work on it again, once I was feeling better.

I think setting myself up for a one year, five years, and a ten-year plan has really helped me stay on track. Along with developing a way of working like bujo planning and journaling over coffee and breakfast. Afterward I either dirty script or start work on the chapter at hand. That has really helped me stay connected to the story and enjoy the work. After all, it is the writing that is the most amazing part of what I do.

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling back to my old self on Monday. Until then, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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