2018 · March

The Hardest Day of the Week

Hello, Readers!!!

When I started the theme days I thought Friday would be the easiest day of the week to fill. After all, it is merely about telling you all the type of things I enjoy. The only problem is that I don’t finish projects fast enough to have something to fill every Friday slot. At least not with that type of fun.

I’ve considered sharing my 8-bit crocheted blankets that I’ve done over the course of the years, but this blog has been going so long I’m sure I’ve shared them at some point already. So that won’t work in this place.

We did take my grandson to this place called Kangaroo Zoo. It is a large building filled with bounce houses and inflatable slides. They have party rooms. One is a jungle room, princess room and a galaxy one. Those were really cool. You pay a flat price and they get unlimited time there. They also have food as well so you can easily spend many hours there and just let kids burn off time.

My daughter loved taking her son down all these things and playing with him. We were there for a few hours as he burned off mass amounts of energy. He’d drag her up slides and they’d go down. Eventually, he learned to get up them on his own so only rarely needed her help as he wore out and his muscles weren’t dragging him up them any longer. That was a whole lot of fun.

Earlier that day the hubby man took me out on a date just the two of us. We went to a local winery I didn’t even know we had here in Utah. It was actually really cool. We did a wine tasting and I got to try several wines and even a liqueur. The woman that helped us there was absolutely amazing and she made the whole experience that much more fun.

I do know that the hubby man and I will be returning again to buy more from there. They have seasonal options and regulars. It is absolutely delicious as well.

After that, we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, The Outback Steakhouse. I’m in love with the garlic butter they put on top of the steaks there. Anyway, it was a great night and I enjoyed just sitting and talking with him about everything. It was a pick me up that I needed. We were able to talk through a lot of things and come to an agreeance and decisions.

All in all, it was the much-needed break that I needed and a grand time. Next Friday I will go over my Bullet Journal or BuJo. It’ll give me time to gather all the pictures needed as I explain it all. I know I’ve been over one before, but I’ll go in more details and show you how things have changed for me over the years.

Until then, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “The Hardest Day of the Week

  1. That sounds Amazing. I wish we had a bouncy house thingy here for Daenerys. I love winery’s too sounds like s great date.

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