Easter Cake of 2018 #Fundayfriday

Hello, Readers!

Welcome to the first Friday of April. I don’t know about all of you, but this year is cruising faster than I would like. I swear it was just New Years yesterday.

This year I thought I would do an Easter cake for the hubby man’s work people. It was my way of congratulating them on all their hard work and giving them a little treat to enjoy. The idea for the cake came from my oldest daughter. She’d seen the cake and thought it might be fun, so we put out spin on it and had some fun.

So once we had the design, it became shopping time. We picked up all the ingredients and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t think to grab pictures once we did.

After that point, we began the process of creating the cake. We picked up some sweetened shredded coconut and place it in a Ziploc bag with several drops of green food coloring. Once we sealed the bag and mixed it around we laid it out on a cookie sheet to start drying while we worked on everything else. It wasn’t perfectly mixed, but we thought the darker parts mixed with the lighter gave it a more realistic tone to it.


While I started to mix up the cake batter from scratch, the hubby man pulled out my 12″ round pan and started to spread cake release inside of it. We do this so the cake will easily release from the pan once it is done baking. We also use Wilton’s Bake Even Strips.

Anyway, while he worked on prepping all of that I used a recipe to whip up the cake batter. As I’ve never used this particular recipe I wasn’t sure how much cake mix it actually made. Here is the recipe for Super Moist Chocolate Cake. While I won’t say that this is the moistest chocolate cake I’ve ever had it wasn’t bad. It was a dense cake, though, so it worked great for stacking. To fill a 12″ cake pan I would suggest 1.5 to 2 batches of the cake mix. However, as we were doing three layers I went with one to create smaller levels.

What you see on the edge of it is the cake release and we did get that cleaned up. We baked three of these cakes and allowed them to cool. Each cake spent 5 minutes in the pan resting before they were turned out onto cooling racks to finish the process. If I was going to carve the cake I would at this point wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap and let it spend a few days in the freezer to allow easier carving. At this time we weren’t carving, I worked on them right away.

While all the cakes were cooling down I whipped up the buttercream frosting. The hubby man wanted peanut butter buttercream so I went on the hunt for a recipe. I have to say, out of all the recipes we used this time around the peanut butter buttercream was my absolute favorite and will be saved for future use. It tasted just like Nutter Butters and was a huge hit with my family when they tried it. It did take 1.5 batches to cover the cake and provide the filling between the cakes.

At this point, assembly began on the cake.

Once the layers were all on there and the cake was assembled, I started adding the Kit Kats to the outside. We went through about 17 packs of Kit Kats. One piece of one fell on the floor and was thrown away, but otherwise, we had no casualties. All you do is gently press them into the buttercream on the outside. Try to keep them as close together as possible. Once we were finished, we used a decorative ribbon to help keep it all together. It wasn’t necessary, but we thought the detail was cute.

Once we were done with that I just went back and filled in any sort of tiny gaps in the buttercream that didn’t quite line up with the Kit Kats. It wouldn’t have been seen otherwise, but my older sister taught me attention to detail gets you far. At this point, the cake needed to spend time in our fridge as the buttercream was starting to melt from the heat the stove had generated in our small apartment. A word of warning here, buttercream is susceptible to heat as its main ingredient is butter, of course.

As you can see the tiny hand of my grandson on the edge of the picture. He wanted to help and since we were down to decorating I allowed him to. He helped put the grass on and the final decorations of the eggs and chocolate bunnies. Here is the final product of my Fun Day Friday post.


Please ignore the disaster of dishes in the background. I cleaned up the board around it of ‘grass’ and buttercream and then it went back into the fridge until the hubby man took it to work the next work where it was devoured.

I hope you all enjoyed my post. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

4 thoughts on “Easter Cake of 2018 #Fundayfriday

  1. Wow – that looks amazing! Great idea. Going to check out the recipe. Trying to think how I ould do this in sugar free. Cake mix isn’t a problem, but frosting . . . and what would I use instead of kitkats?

    You had my full attention when you said nutter butter. My mouth is watering now.

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