2018 · April

Time at the Duck Pond

Hello, Readers!

Yesterday, I finished dying my daughter’s hair the Crimson Obsession color that she picked out. After that, the hubby man and I decided to take our dog to the Duck Pond. It was so much fun. I took our camera and took a lot of nature photos. I’m hoping one day to afford a DSLR camera to really improve the quality and content of pictures that I can take, but until then I’m getting great practice with angels, filters and such. It’s been a lot of fun and I have to admit I lose track of time when I’m out among nature. It’s my favorite place to be.

Today, I almost forgot to post a blog as I’m apparently more used to having themed days then I thought. I did awake to discover that Malevolent Mind is no longer KDP exclusive. I’ve been waiting for that time to die out so that I could post it up on other places for purchase. Once I got all of that settled and it was in pending then I worked on getting some of my better photos out to be purchased.

It’s been so exciting to experiment with different avenues of creative outlet. I was hoping to go out again today for pictures, but the cloud coverage may be a bit more difficult to work with. Still, I think some time out among nature will be good for me all the same. If nothing else, it’ll be good practice once more.

As for my writing, I’m still working hard on my next novel to come out. It’s dark and delicious. I’ve been excited to work on it. Handwriting does slow me down in the total word count, but I find I don’t spend as much time editing myself and stopping.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with a Writerly Wednesday post for all of you that enjoyed the theme days. Until then, do any of you enjoy other outlets for your creativity? Share your favorite recipe, pattern or craft down below so the rest of us can admire your handwork. And remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

4 thoughts on “Time at the Duck Pond

  1. I love restoring and repurposing old furniture. Have been doing painted rocks for the past year as a way of stress releif. My bujo goes from just being a journal and record of my todo list, to suddenly there are pages and pages of artsy stuff, with found objects, layered paper, stamped art, or doodles. I really suck at photography, kudos to you on that!
    I also love to cook and my latest thing is making meals for 2 – which has been a challenge being accustomed to feeding four.

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