2018 · April

Reading Between the Edits #Writerwednesday

Hello, Readers!!

Welcome back to another writer Wednesday. I thought I’d go over how important it is for you to read over your own manuscript between edits, rather they be self-edits or professional.

When I first started on my own writing journey I didn’t bother to do such a thing. Often times I discovered that I was in such a hurry to make my way through the edits that I would leave bits of previous sentences when I changed them or I’d fix a word, but it would sound off with the rest of the sentence. There were even times that I deleted a whole paragraph, except I’d leave funny spacing from where it had been located.

I can’t stress how much reading your own manuscript between rounds allows you to check to make sure that it still flows as you originally intended. It also allows you to make sure that your own unique voice still shines through. Especially, as we can get so busy editing and try for perfection that we erase our own voices right out of the story.

I’ve learned so much along my writer’s journey and I’ve really enjoyed sharing things with you. While not everything will work for everyone or even most, it might help one person along with their own journey. If it doesn’t help you, feel free to disregard anything I say here. I can’t reiterate that enough. Often times we spend so much of our ‘writing time’ in search of the perfect formula. That one way that will skyrocket us to the bestselling list. While there are those that seem to make overnight success that is only the sugar-coated version the papers tell. The only way that I’ve ever known to get where you want to go in life and reach your goals is a lot of hard work. There is no magic formula, trust me, I’ve searched.

The guaranteed way to success is to do what the 98% of people refuse to do and that is put in the hard work. Keep going through all the obstacles. Life is meant to challenge you. To test to make sure that your goal is what you really want. If you want it bad enough, keep pushing on.

it isn’t easy. It is never easy and there are days when throwing in the towel is just so much easier than getting that word count in. One those days try two sentences. Get two sentences down. When they are down, try two paragraphs. Two pages. On bad days every little goal is worth celebrating. Even if that is all you get done, it is more than you had that morning and that is great.


Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.



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