2018 · April

Wisdom Traced Back for Centuries #lawofattraction

Hello, Readers!

Happy Saturday to all. I’m sure all of you are glad to see the weekend. I started today, technically yesterday at this point, off wanting to find a fascinating topic to discuss here. Mentally I put out into the world that I wanted to find a topic that might help others as well as myself.

There were plenty of videos consumed and talks. I needed something I hadn’t covered before or to expand on something I had. It happened rather spontaneously. I decided to youtube search law of attraction, and Oprah came up. She was discussing the book ‘The Secret‘.

Now, I’ve seen the book many times over the last few years. I’d stop and just look at the cover. It was prominent in my past, but I never picked it up. I never purchased it to read. So, when the opportunity to hear about it came up, I clicked the video.

I can’t tell you how much that video impacted my life. I will be buying the book and the video very soon so I can dig further into the topics they discussed on there.

It was about the Law of Attraction. Now I will say I too had heard this over the course of my life in various forms, ‘what you reap is what you sow’, ‘the intentions you send out into the world is what you get back’, ‘everything that goes around comes around’…there are so many varieties of ways to say the same thing, but I never truly understood what it meant until this particular discussion.

I will do my best to explain it without making it too confusing, but if you like you can watch the video of Oprah’s talk above.

It is basically saying that your intentions, the thoughts, and beliefs that you truly feel and belief are the vibrations that you are sending out into the world. And if you full heartedly believe in these manifestations that they will appear in your life.

That our lives are constructed of these things already, and we should understand them and be grateful for the lessons that these things have brought into our lives. Only when we are truly thankful for the things that we already have in our lives, can we make room for new things to arrive.

Now, to send out these vibrations into the world we can’t do so negatively. As most of you know I’ve been on a weight loss journey. It has been a major focus throughout my life. I need to lose weight because I’m fat or obese. When I’m such and such weight my life can really begin. I won’t be happy until I’m skinny.

These are the consistent thoughts that have run through my mind. Now, if you look at those, I’m not sending good vibrations out and I’m certainly not grateful for where I am.

I can say this. I am a heckuva lot healthier than I have been in a very long time. I quit smoking three years ago, I don’t sleep my entire life away waiting to die, and I don’t live in fear of leaving my house. That is a whole lot to be grateful for. I’ve fought hard to be where I am and I am so proud of that.

There is so much in the current state of my body that I can do, that others may not be able to do, again, I am so grateful for that. I am healthy on some many levels and I’m excited – truly excited to be eating healthier.

Not only do I have great healthy foods in my house, but I’m learning more every day on how to better take care of my body. It isn’t all about what I’m eating or the portions to which I am eating, but it’s been about the mental state of my life as well. I know I deserve to be healthy and happy, to love my body in every shape it’ll be in along the journey. That I will get to an even healthier state of being.

Those are the vibrations that I am sending out into the world.

Now I have something I want, something I’m committed without a shadow of a doubt to get to. I’ve sent the vibration out into the world in positivity and there is no room for negativity. Now comes the part that most people fail to do and that is taking actions toward it. Believe you are already there, that it is manifesting itself in your life, and take action.

This can be applied to every aspect of your life. I highly recommend the book or the movie of ‘The Secret’. I know what little I’ve been exposed to has left me hungering for more.

Can you think of ways that The Law of Attraction has worked in your life? A time when you full heartedly believed without a shadow of a doubt that something was going to come into your life and then it came. I know I have had it happen many times.

And don’t forget to be grateful for everything you already have. The life you already have and the lessons you’ve learned.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.


7 thoughts on “Wisdom Traced Back for Centuries #lawofattraction

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I watched The Secret like you suggested and am working through a book on the law of attraction to get my mind aligned to the right thoughts. I’ve been writing them down in my bujo, which has helped tremendously. Loving your blog!

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