2018 · April

Next Step to Mindfulness #3dayquotechallenge

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to day 2 of the quote challenge.

My next favorite quote moves along the same lines as the one yesterday. It’s about keeping your thoughts positive. 

I love this quote. It’s something that I’ve come to really believe in and work toward. In my past, I’ve often focused on the things that I didn’t want to happen, all the bad things in my life, and you know what? I’ve gotten more of it in my life. The mind doesn’t understand that you don’t want something, it just knows that you’re so focused on something that it will generate more of it.

It becomes everything you notice around you, the things that happen to you. Tell me, have you ever had a day where first thing in the morning something bad happens? You spill your coffee, you’re stuck in traffic, anything – and it puts you in this negative headspace. Your energy turns negative. So the rest of your day it all spirals downhill. One bad thing leads to another and so on, until by the time your day is over it has been utterly rotten.

Your focus turned into your energy, which turned into your vibration and day. If you change your focus, you change your energy. Positivity will breed more positivity.

Thank you for joining me for day 2 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I hope that some of you may enjoy the quotes as much as I. Until tomorrow, remember to L.O.L. (Live life, Own life, Love life).

4 thoughts on “Next Step to Mindfulness #3dayquotechallenge

  1. So very true – where your mind goes, so goes your day! The getting stuck in traffic thing had me unhinged the other day. I was fine, in a good head space, my mood was high, then I get stuck behind an accident, just sitting there for several minutes. You know your brain wants to interpret it as HOURS. I was able to ease up enough to turn off and loop around behind where the accident instead of just sitting there. Managed to get to the drs on time after all. Then while I sat in the waiting room, had to admonish myself for letting that get me so upset. INstead, I took the time to pray for the people who were in the accident and give thanks that I wasn’t injured. Amazing how just a few moments of meditation can clear the mind of that type of clutter. Thanks to you, I’m getting there!

    1. You’re welcome. I’m so glad I can help :). Oh yes, sometimes those things creep up and they’re familiar habits for us so they can be difficult to catch. The more you practice catching them and changing your focus the easier it will become and then it will turn into habits as well. Keep going, you’re doing great!

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