2018 · April

Sunday Self #Sundayself

Hello, Readers!

Welcome back to my blog! As most of you know I’ve been going through a lot of personal and life changes. I am currently in the process of gathering all of this information up so that I can turn it into a book. Rather I will put the book up for sale eventually, I’m not sure yet, but I know that I want to get my thoughts straight and really keep all the information rolling around in my head someplace where I can consistently go back to it to review it. I want this information to be available to me to review whenever I feel like I’m losing my way once more.

I’m sure I will pick a few people to read it for review around me and see what they think about it. See if it helps them as well. If it makes sense to anyone, but me. At that point, then I will make a decision if I should sell it or not.

I simply want to help people. I’ve been down some dark paths and I’ve lost friends to even darker ones. If what I write and do can save one person…well, then to me it’s all worth it.

Yesterday, we went out to the Tracy Aviary to see the birds. We needed some joy in our lives after a very hard week for us. I took pictures of some of the most beautiful birds, scenery and life around me. Currently, it is all downloading and taking its time in the background of this post. After it finishes, I will sort through it and work on cleaning up the ones I really love and get them up for sale.

Tonight, as it is such a beautiful day, I think a nice hike or trip to the duck pond is in order. First, though, I need to complete some of the tasks I’ve given myself to reach my goal for the day.

Until tomorrow, remember to L.O.L. (Live life, Own life, Love life) or it isn’t worth doing.

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