2018 · April

Meditation Monday

Hello, Readers!

I’ve been meditating for a few weeks now and while searching for a lot of guided meditations on Youtube, I’ve come to find that some work for me and others don’t. Something about their voice will pull me out or the music that they’ve selected doesn’t soothe me. It has made me really think about the art of meditation and just how personal the journey can be.

I have even gotten to the point that if I can’t find one that works for me during the morning meditation that I will put on some sort of soothing melody and do my own now. I’m not sure if this is a sign of how far I’ve come or if it is more a sign of my impatience. One meditation group I’m part of recommended an application called Insight Timer that has different meditation on it. So far, I admit to not having any luck with it.

I do find that after meditation I feel clearer, more focused, and positive. It has really helped me battle my anxiety and PTSD. While it hasn’t fully gotten rid of the PTSD, it has helped it all. So for that, I will forever be grateful for discovering it.

After a rough later half of the week I found it hard to concentrate on the meditations, so that may have had an effect on it. I’m sure this week will be the telling decision on rather that application is going to work for me or not.

Also, thanks for getting myself into a more centered state of being, I’m working once more and enjoying it. Do you meditate? Or how to do you relax or gain focus in your own lives?

2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday

  1. I read to relax or listen to an ebook. if I am doing chores or crafts I find it helps me a lot to focus on the task at hand and it goes by faster. I have not meditated.

    1. I struggle to focus now without meditation and my moods tend to swing all over the place. Meditation gives me a chance to center myself for the day. I love crafts, though. I’ll admit I haven’t made much time for them lately, but I do enjoy them.

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