2018 · April

The Why Behind the Goal

Hello, Readers!

Welcome back to another Thursday blog post. Over the course of my journey these past few months I’ve learned so much. One of the things that have definitely made a difference was goal setting and to do lists.

I always have a to-do list somewhere that is there for me to look at and cross things off. Often times they are shoulds. Things I feel like I ‘should’ be doing. I break them down to the day even. A concrete list of things I need to accomplish in a day. Again this is where my perfectionism comes in as well. My lists for the day aren’t achievable. We only have so many hours in a day and even if I do nothing else I can’t accomplish these extreme lists I have set for myself.

So I went on a journey to find better ways to organize my time. There had to be a method that would work better for me. I’ve tried plenty of them. Artistic BuJo journals, non-artistic BuJo journals, not keeping a list, keeping a massive list for the month. Each time it always ended the same. I didn’t accomplish it. Part because it was never meant to be achievable, though my brain convinced me it was.

I grew so frustrated with planning and to do lists that I quit using them and accomplishing things. So many days I spent sitting in front of a television upset with not achieving the things that I set out for myself and so ashamed that all I did was sit in front of the television. It was vicious and so was I with myself. There had to be a better way.

When I couldn’t take any more of my self-loathing and pity I stepped up and started listening to motivational videos during the mornings. I’ll admit for awhile it was an all-day thing. Not only was I getting pumped up, but I was taking bits of those videos and putting myself back together. There were methods and strategies in them that I started using in my own life. I learned so much that I finally got to a point where I felt ready to take on the world once more. The problem was, I still had no way of planning out my days.

That is when I heard one of Tony Robbins videos that changed that for me. I would link the video but honestly, it was so long ago and I’ve listened to so many of them, that I wouldn’t be able to find the exact one I was listening to when I heard it. He talked about how you can make all these goals for yourself but if you don’t have a why you want to accomplish these, and a strong enough one to attach a feeling to it, then you are less likely to accomplish it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had the goals and to do lists, but never the why. That why is so important on any level or in anything you do. You not only need a clear goal in mind, but a strong why for that goal as well. That why is going to be what pushes you through when willpower goes away and when the world starts to test your resolve – and it WILL test your resolve.

Also, if doing daily tasks doesn’t work for you and you’re like me and bog yourself down with massive tasks, try switching to a weekly method. This is what I use now. I sit down and write up what I want to accomplish in a week, but I use the same size of tasks I was trying to accomplish in a day. That way I can take steps toward it all week long. It made it all less overwhelming. Once I had that down I applied the why and the feelings that went with it.

I wanted a clean house. Well, that was great and all, but why? I wanted a clean house for the health of my family. Because messes make me nervous. And so on and so forth. I applied the feelings that went with it all to the task and no longer was cleaning house such a burden, but rather something I loved to do because it meant something to me. To me, that makes goals and to do lists so much easier to get done.

I hope this technique might help someone else out there. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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