2018 · April

Passion in all Things #Fundayfriday

Hello, Readers!

Welcome back. I hope this Friday finds you well.

As you may have noticed through reading my blog posts is that I have a love for psychology on many levels. I’ve always believed that the brain is far more powerful than we have even begun to comprehend. While the medical field has advanced drastically in the fields dealing with the brain, I believe we are still in the beginning stages of it.

Now some of you may be wondering why I chose this topic for a Fun Day Friday. I wanted to show all of you how I take something I’m passionate about such as psychology and apply it to my career. Most will automatically think of psychological thrillers and horrors. I have written several of those rather they have been released or not.

There is something about exploring these things that fascinates me. I even once considered a career in psychology, though I think while I might have been a bit happy there, I wouldn’t have fully reached the part of psychology that I loved the most. That would be the ability to use psychology to change our lives, how psychology affects every aspect of our lives and how to use it to grow.

I’ve studied things from love language to Toltec beliefs. While I won’t even claim any sort of expert in it, I find it fascinating how there are threads of wisdom that move through all these various belief systems. I’ve even studied how all these things can be applied to the world today and studied the changes that it has brought on in my own life for better or for worse.

Because I have such a deep love for psychology and its effects on life I’ve taken it into the novels I write as well. While it isn’t ever a main plot point it does have its string through my novels. Using it in my writing allows me to explore various psychological processes and see how they could possibly unfold. I think it adds a deeper and richer texture to my novels and helps to bring my characters to life.

Do you have a passion that you’ve brought into your careers? Has it helped at all?

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

4 thoughts on “Passion in all Things #Fundayfriday

  1. I put a tiny little bit of me in all my stories. It could be a pet, a hobby or even a favorite color choice but somewhere there is a tiny something.

      1. I’m hoping others will like doing that too. Then there will be hide and seek games on the group lol

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