2018 · April

The Questions Answered #MondayMadness

Hello, Readers!

The hubby man and I have been having a lot of in-depth conversations lately. One of his recent questions left me puzzled. When will I know I have enough? I always say I want more, but I never had any real direction.

This one question has taken me days to come up with an answer for. When would I know I had enough? What was enough for me? This was a lot for me to sit and ponder on.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know exactly, it was more I wasn’t sure how to put into words what I thought would be enough. After some time, the words came to me. It wasn’t a set number or possessions that would be enough. Don’t get me wrong. I would like for us to have some space that is ours rather it be a house or an RV, but that will come in time. Still, that wasn’t exactly what I was talking about.

How to explain when it would be enough? This morning as we ate breakfast I sat down and told him I could answer the question for him. I would know that my life had been enough when I felt it. When I knew that I was giving 100% of my authentic self to the world and helping others. That would be the point when I knew that I would have enough.

While it isn’t the answer that most would choose for themselves it was the best way I could explain what I felt inside. I will know when I get there, but I also know that I’m not giving it fully either. There is a lot more of me to give and a lot more of things I need to accomplish.

After that came to me it was like a gigantic floodgate was open. During my meditation direction and images came into my life. So much hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the most incredible and invigorating thing to happen. Now it is up to me to take massive action to make these images come true. While most of it has to do with swag to be purchased, and booth set up for comic cons it also included a glimpse at where to take the blog as well too. Now it is time to dig into work and get things done.

Do any of you ponder over things such as when will you have enough? How would you answer that question?

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “The Questions Answered #MondayMadness

  1. Honestly I haven’t thought about it it that way. I’ve had people call me greedy , spoiled, selfish. I kinda wouldn’t mind selling out getting a camper and living as a nomad. My. Hubby said I’m too pampered and spoiled and wouldn’t be happy without all my stuff, my craft room, office, freezers full of good. Maybe he is right but it’s not like my home is a mansion or perfect it seems to be always under construction as my life. Another great inspirational post

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