2018 · May

Things I’ve Learned

Hello, Readers!

First off, let me apologize now for the negative tone of Don’t Dim Your Light. It wasn’t intended to be that way, but I have had many bring it up to me that it sounds that way. That I am upset because of something someone said to me.

Please understand that was not my intention. I was not out there to make that post about how someone hurt my feelings. Let me assure you, my feelings are not hurt. I simply meant to show how one question could lead to the most amazing answers. Ones that you never would have expected your brain to come up with. We are creatures of learning and only when you rest yourself in the negative do you fail to see the good that can come of it.

That was my only intention for that post was to show you, what great things came from it. Nothing is ever black or white, life has so many glorious layers to enjoy and learn from.

The last month has been a great time of learning for me. Not only in how strong I am mentally and as a person but in my resolve to get where I want to go. While it hasn’t been without its rocky points, each time I’ve learned something and grown from it.

I know where I’m headed and I’m so excited for the journey along the way. That is something I haven’t felt in a very long time. It’s the most incredible feeling ever. While the hubby man has had the last two days off and it’s altered my routine, I haven’t let it stop me fully this time.

I have set goals for myself and will accomplish them. Not because I said I would, especially as I’ve tried that method over and over again, failing each time, but because I have attached a feeling to it. A feeling of great joy that will allow me to pull myself toward my goal instead of push.

Some of you might not understand the difference between the two, but people that have been on either side of it will. Pulling is so much easier than pushing toward a goal. If you’re pushing eventually your willpower will die out and you will stop. If you’re pulled…you can do that the whole trip.

So take some time, visualize what it will look like when you get to your goal. Feel what it will be like to be there. Now see yourself doing the steps that you need to do to get there. Really feel the excitement, live in it, flourish. Then, don’t hesitate. Get to work immediately.

Once you attached a positive feeling to your goals and add in emotions…you’re unstoppable.

Until next time, Lovelies, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned

  1. I never thought about the difference between ushing and pulling but I see pulling would be better than pushing.

    1. Pushing is all the shoulds people fill their heads with. Well I should be doing this and I should be doing that. Pushing is where you get up and do something because you ‘have’ to. It saps your energy more and allows your brain to play havoc with you and talk you into excuses. Being pulled to goals is when you have a clear goal in mind. You know the steps to take and it energizes you. You’re excited to do it. It is fun for you.

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