2018 · May

Thinking Your Way Out of Passionate Projects #wordcountwednesday

Hello, Readers!!

Welcome back to another wordcount Wednesday post. While I’ve been sharing with you various ways that I’ve been using or things that I have learned to help myself I wanted to share with you more along those lines while keeping in the tradition of a wordcount Wednesday post.

As most of you know I’m an overthinker. While being a deep thinker is a great thing, we can take it to a point of where we actually talk ourselves out of projects we desire to finish. Have you ever done anything like that?

It isn’t even so much that I worry about it being as much ill received once it is written, but rather that I’m wasting my time by writing it. That it won’t fit up to my standards. Sound familiar?

This is a common thing among many people. We tend to build up our passion projects so much in our heads that once we get to work on them, they don’t come close to matching what we’ve conjured in our minds. Now, this can be attributed in many situations in our lives.

Ever hear rave reviews for a movie and then when you finally go to see it, you come out of the theater feeling bummed and a little let down? I know it’s happened a lot in this house. It is something the hubby man talks about a lot.

Well, this too can affect every aspect of our lives. As humans, we need to understand that it won’t ever match exactly as we have in our minds and that is okay. We aren’t supposed to paint it exactly as we see it, we just need to get it close and even then…our readers, viewers or anyone that sees our passion projects won’t see the exact same image that we do.

Why is that you may ask? Because the way they view the world is through their own perception. It goes that way with reading, art or any other aspect. It is why they will tell you beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Our entire worlds are painted by our experiences, thoughts, emotions. We are unique individuals. So you unique, in fact, that there will NEVER be another person just like you. They will never think like you or have the same reaction as you. The way they see the world will be so different than your own.

Think about your memories. Have you ever reminisced with a friend or a loved one? You were both there in that exact same situation, but each of you remembers it in a different way? This is the exact same thing.

Your so-called, ‘Rose colored glasses’ are your perception, beliefs, and core values that you see the world from. That is something to be proud of, not to shy away from.

So, while your mind may try to convince you that you’re not good enough, that your project isn’t good enough – just remember the world needs your passion project. There isn’t anybody else that can gift the world your project and show them your view like you can.

Be true to you. Try to silence your overthinking, and be proud of being exactly who you are. You are unique and you are a gift to the world. Be bold and show the world who you are.

L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it). Be Beautifully You.

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