2018 · May

How Easy it is to Fall Off the Habit Wagon

Hello, Readers!

Over the weekend I spent Mother’s day with my son, which I’m excited to say has become a regular thing. However, it has also made it an easy reason for me not to keep doing my morning habits or writing habits and getting my blog posts done. One day turns into two and two into three and before you know it. I’m right back where I was before with a lot of time missed.

I’ve also noticed when I miss my morning habits and daily routines that I start to feel depressed. My inner monologue turns negative and I begin to attack myself once more. I was in a bad place, and it was hard for me to come back from. I had to sit down and remind myself that it takes almost a month to build a regular habit of things.

To help combat these type of things, I bought myself a Paperdori or for those that might not know what that it is, it is a traveler’s notebook, but instead of being leatherbound mine is paper and a foam inner to keep it more rigid. Inside of it are four small notebooks, one is a blank calendar month to sample their paper, another is the quarterly calendar insert that I ordered, another is a dot grid paper and the other is sketch paper.

I’m in love with the dot grid paper and will continue to keep ordering it in mass quantities. I’ve had problems since I was young with the feel of paper on my wrists bothering me. So often times, in school or when I’m writing I will wear braces or jackets to keep my wrists from touching the paper. I figured this paper would be the same. I’m happy to announce that I was extremely wrong. The paper is almost a glossy type paper. It makes it more durable when I erase in it, to which I do a lot, and my wrists can touch it with no problem.

Yet another good thing about this Paperdori product. Plus the dot grid is fantastic to work with while I’m creating layouts. I will say, pencil works so much better inside of the journals and while I’ve always been more of a pen gal, I’ve been using the mechanical pencil that comes with the order all the time.

So, I spent a few days getting everything set up. I set up the blank calendar for June since that is the closest full month that I don’t have the quarterly for. My quarterly runs from July-Sept. This thing has everything, blank dot grid papers to help you keep track of weekly things or random notes, a monthly calendar and the weekly spreads. On the weekly spreads, it has a habit tracker per day and a spot to track your word count for the day. You can definitely tell this is a writer’s best friend there. Also in the front of it is a place to track quarterly goals as well. I can’t wait until I can actually use that and see how it works for me.

Now, that being said, I have used the dot grid to create a writer’s bullet journal so I can track everything from projects, where I am in the process to things that I’m learning and even my reading to make sure I’m doing that every day. I even watched another author’s bullet journal flip through and she told me about another author’s 5 things a day technique to make sure that you’re always moving your writing career forward. You make sure one of those things is writing, one is reading and the other 3 can be things you’re doing to progress your writing career along. Like going to lunch with a fellow writer to reading a blog post that had advice on it you can use.

My other notebook, the sketchbook one, I’ve turned into my regular bujo, or at least the things I track outside of my to-do lists, such as household projects to complete, other crafts, and my healthy lifestyle and morning habits goals.

It has put me right back on track and reminded me of the things I find important throughout the day and enjoy doing. Needless to say, I am feeling much better and back to a more positive headspace and enjoying things.

In case anyone else is interested in giving the traveler’s notebook series a try, I purchased my things here at PlotYourWork. C.J. was great to work with and super friendly. So I know I will be returning to buy more of the dot grid papers from her in the future and quarterly calendars.

2 thoughts on “How Easy it is to Fall Off the Habit Wagon

  1. I am sorry your having trouble staying on the wagon. May is busy with end of school activities and graduations. Maybe next month will be better for us both. I’m sold on this Travelers Notebook I’ll have to get with you and order one tomorrow!

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