2018 · May

Emergency Rooms and Bandaids

Hello, Readers!

Today’s post will be a brief one. Yesterday was a day of little work. Not necessarily because I slacked on getting my work done, but because I babysat my grandbabies while my daughter had a dental visit.

My oldest grandson decided to take a spill while I was throwing out diapers and fetching his brother. The result of the spill got him a trip to the emergency room. He managed to gouge a bit of his cheek, right below his eye. There wasn’t much the doctor could do.

I had already cleaned it out and my ex-husband bandaged it before rushing him to the emergency room. Thank heavens, he was around, taking our daughter to the dentist as the hubby man works almost an hour away. Plus, my ex-husband has always had an incredibly cool head in situations like that, which we very much needed because I was a mess of tears.

Anyway, needless to say when the little guy got home grandma has been spoiling the crap outta him and his brother. While his cheek is swollen and extremely bruised nothing has slowed him down. He is still the ambitious and rambunctious two-year-old he’s always been.

That made for a rough day for me as it happened right in the middle of it. So, instead of heading back to work afterward my hubby man drug me out for grocery shopping and time to cool down from such a day.

The one amazing thing that happened yesterday, even amongst all of that, was my youngest daughter got her learners permit! So, if you live here in Utah, might want to stay off the sidewalks for a few years. Haha, I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s really been giving life her all.

I promise to write more tomorrow when I have more time and manage to get back on track fully. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it). Life is worth it.

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