2018 · May

Healthy Journey

Hello, Readers!!

Wow, this week hit me like a mack truck. We ran out of what I refer to as energy foods between paychecks. It left me eating processed crap food and I found my energy level so depleted I didn’t have the gumption to get up and do much. I never realized how much what we eat affects the energy we have to get around until I started this journey.

Without the energy to get around, my work slipped, my workout routine fell into oblivion a few times and I was left more depressed than ever. That one aspect affected every part of my life. It was a sad truth.

Now that we have all of my energy foods back in the house, my energy is back. As Friday rolled around, it was time to increase my weights, time and reps on all my workouts. Mind you I’ve been so out of shape for so long that I have started out small and I am working my way into beast mode.

The weight is slipping off and the muscle is gaining rapidly. I haven’t felt a ton better in the month that I’ve been going, even if I miss a day here and there (which I hate), I still jump right back at it. I’m really hoping to get to a point where I feel comfortable going out running. It was something that I loved doing when I was younger and I’d like to go back to it.

Having a healthy and strong body or at least in the process of it, help my mind and my work. For that, I have loved this journey I am.

Do any of you work out regularly? Do you enjoy any of it?

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Journey

  1. I felt so much better when I was seeing Michael. I guess I need to develop a routine at home and do it. It’s hard with a Darnerys though. She climbs on us when we work out.

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