2018 · June

Finding the Balance

Hello, Readers!

Man is it good to be back. We had a horrible bought of flu circle the family. It wasn’t as if it took out all of us at once, but rather one at a time. Which is probably for the best as we only have two bathrooms here. Still, it left an entire week of me being unable to do any of my usual schedules. I was either being the nursemaid or the patient.

Now that I’m settling back into a routine once more I find it hard to reach that balance in everything. This is a common occurrence for me. I know the time in which my husband gets home from work and the list of everything I need to accomplish in one day.

If you break it down into meditation, working out, making the bed, blogging, and showering. That isn’t even including food stopping points or any of the other my entire work day is consumed by it all. None of that even includes actually sitting down to write. The fact that I want to accomplish all of this before my husband gets home puts a lot of pressure on it.

It isn’t like he would have a problem if I sat down to work once he was home. However, that begins the night routines of dinner, housecleaning, and time with the family. And I know for a fact that this isn’t a problem that only I have. A lot of working parents find it hard to balance it all.

I’ve tried routines and while the one during school works wonders the one during summer needs work. My sleeping schedule goes haywire during the summer. I live in a three bedroom apartment on the top floor, which means heat rises and it gets hot. The only air conditioning this place has is a small cooler in the living room, which is nice, but it doesn’t reach our back bedroom at all. So, to combat all of that and because I don’t need to stay on too regular of a sleep schedule as my daughter isn’t in school, I sleep during the early morning from like 3 am until 9 because those are the hours when the apartment is cool enough.

So, that moves my writing schedule to crazy times. I get up at 9 in the morning, write for an hour or so before I eat breakfast. After that it is game on of playing with the kids as they run for my back office, meditating, working out, making the bed, showering and the morning routine. Sometimes, I admit that blogging is the last on that list of morning things to get done.

Once the hubby man is home then I tend to emerge from the back office to spend time with him and do the nighttime routine. As the clock rolls around to about 930 at night, the boys go down for the night, the hubby goes to bed for work and I clock in for the second round of work. That is the point when I get my writing done. I’m less likely to be interrupted as the world sleeps and I can put in a decent amount of hours into my W.I.P.

I will admit that there are times when I hit exhaustion at night and it becomes harder to keep going. I have been known to crawl into bed if the house isn’t too hot and sleep for a few hours. Then I’m back up at one in the morning and I work on through until the hubby is getting up for work at four.

This all is a common occurrence as my schedule changes from one season to the next. I’m hoping as summer progresses to get on a more routine one and find a balance. Tell me, does your schedule vary depending on the seasons and what is going on? If so, how do you cope with it and find a balance?

Until next time remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Balance

  1. Glad you are all feeling better. My schedule has changed as well with school out and my daughter now working I am working around others schedules until I find my balance

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