Transformational Coaching

Hello, Readers!

During my workouts, I listen to a lot of motivational speeches. I find that it puts me in the mindset that I need to not only push through it but for a more productive and positive day. Yesterday was no exception to this.

The only thing that changed was which motivational speech I listened to. One of the ones that popped up in my youtube feed was a conversation between Tom Bilyeu and Vishen Lakhiani. I didn’t pay much attention to the title at the time. As long as it was motivational I was going to listen while I worked out, so I thought, let’s give it a try.

What I discovered was massive. The difference Vishen is making in the world to create unity is massive. They mentioned that he had a completely online school. I found his video so inspiring that I popped on over to check out this school. This is an education I could get behind. The ability to do things better for myself. An entire academy dedicated to making me a better version of myself. Yes, please.

The school’s motto is:

Mindvalley Is Creating A Global School That Delivers Transformational Education For All Ages. Powered By Community. Fueled By Fun.

So, I decided to pop into it and take a look around. The classes that they offer is incredible for anyone like myself that are looking to become a better version of themselves. It isn’t even like it is that expensive to have access there either. I know what I will be doing soon, which is signing up for these courses. You can find more details about the courses and all of that information at Mindvalley.

Anyway, during my workout, I needed a second video to fill in the time and since I was right in the middle of doing crunches I just let Youtube randomize and play the next one. I couldn’t have been more blown away by the next speaker. Her name was Lisa Nichols and she was talking at A-Fest, which is a part of the Mindvalley community.

From the moment the video started, I was laughing, wincing, and Yes. Yesing. my way through it. Not only did she hit on a lot of my own personal truths that made me cringe, but she showed me a different way to look at things. She spoke of her life lessons and she overcame them to not live in a state of victimhood.

That video led me to buy a book by her. Not the one she mentions in the video which is, Abundance Now, but her No Matter What! novel. I sat down to read that after grabbing a shower and I haven’t really stopped reading it. It’s written in her tone, but more so, she helps you peel back the layers that you’ve built up around yourself and get real with who you are and what you’re doing. Things I didn’t even realize I was using to hold myself back were revealed in this novel. This will be yet another one that I keep around for a very long time.

As I’m running behind on my workout and all of that. I’ll leave you to do your own research on those that I found transformational if you are interested.

Until next time remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.


2 thoughts on “Transformational Coaching

  1. I need to get more motivated. If only I can get over this asthma issue and get my life back on track. You are truly inspiring!

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