2018 · June

Once A Decision Is Reached

Hello, Readers!!!

My husband and I were talking today. He was saying how his brother has a page on Facebook where he shared different tattoos, and that his brother had shared his own and the meaning behind it.

Now, my husband and I have had more deep conversations this year than I’d say we have had through most of our relationship. This time, he started it. He was telling me how true it was for him as well. On his right shoulder, he bears the firefighting maltese cross. He said not only does that tattoo carry significance to him because his uncle gave it to him, but he got it when he graduated the firefighter academy. That it was proof to himself that if he set his mind to something he could accomplish it.

While this was not news to me, it was the ah-ha moment he needed. I’ve known this man fifteen years and I’ve seen this applied to so many aspects of our lives. That once he sets his mind to something, you are not going to be able to shake him. There will be no stopping him. I’ve seen it in his work ethic and the things he wants out of life from things like computer parts to furniture for the easy stuff down to being a great provider for his family. He’s walked snow, rain or sun to bus stops several miles away to ride a bus for two hours to get to work only to do it all in reverse on his way home. All so that he can provide for his family. Never wavering.

So, there has never been any doubt in mind that once he is set and his decision is made, it will happen. Granted, getting him to set the decision is a whole other thing.

The more we talked, I told him. I think that is the way of life for everyone. Once the decision is set in their mind, they will do it NO MATTER WHAT. The problem is there are a lot of fence-sitting people there.

We are all sitting there with our coulda, shoulda, wouldas. I will do it once the kids’ graduate. I will do it once the kids are in school. I will do it once I lost the weight. The list goes on and on. Yet, we never step into the game.

There are times, I have seen this especially in my life, where I’m like okay that’s it, I’m getting in the game. Here I go, this it. I’m convinced, this is what I want.

Yet, the truth under it all. I’m not set. The decision isn’t made. I’m playing the safe game. There is already a parachute on my back and my hand is on the ripcord. No way am I going to hit that ground because I’m not sure I’m strong enough to stand back up afterward.

I spend far too much time playing it safe, second guessing myself and all of that is because I have no faith in myself that I can get back up. That is the truth about it.

As wrong as it is when I really think about it. When I get real with myself. There have been so many circumstances that I hit that ground. I hit it so hard that it took me a moment to get up. But the part that makes me the proudest, I got up. I got up on shaky legs sometimes. I got up having to hold onto a rock a moment before I could stand on my own two feet, but time and time again, I did it.

I can now proudly stand here with faith in myself and I can say –

I AM a warrior!

I AM confident!

I AM enough!

Thank you, Lisa Nichols for all you teach in that area. You truly are an inspiration!

So, if you find yourself in the same situation hesitating to really reach your dreams. If you are standing on the sidelines waiting for permission to jump or a safety net. If you are claiming to be determined and yet using every excuse on why you’re not getting there…

It’s time to do some soul-searching. Is it what you truly want for your life? Does it fill you with energy to think of it? Are you not set on it because you’re searching for a safety net? Or do you simply need to set your determination?

You’ll find once you are determined that you will get there NO MATTER WHAT, life will get out of your way or be bowled over beneath your strides. Have faith in yourself that if you fall, and you will fall from time to time, that you will get back up.

Chances are good you’re going to fall anyway, might as well fall doing what you love.

Peace in the journey. Live it, Love it, Own it.



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