2018 · October

Silence Can Be Scary

Hello, Readers!

Yesterday was a rough day getting into the story. I did manage a thousand words, but compared to the five thousand I was doing on the previous book, it was a hit to my production. I’m not sure if it is simply a matter of getting into the new novel, while some of the characters are the same the location is new. So, maybe that is taking more time? Or, it is possible that maybe like all the previous times of writing for me, it takes me twenty five thousand or so to get into a story enough to have higher word counts. Either way, I have to admit to being quite frustrated.

Granted I wrote and that is definitely something. So, on the other hand I’m proud to be back in the writing mode there. Leave it to this author to be confusing to herself. Haha. 

I still have yet to sit down to kick out today’s word count which is next on my list. I’ll take three thousand words for today, if not the five. That is the goal, anyway. 

I know part of my issue with my word count yesterday is I downloaded a solitaire collection app onto my phone. It’s made my addiction to my phone worse, which means it has to go. While it helps to relax, I have a habit of letting things like that consume my entire day. That means unlike most people, I don’t keep games on my phone. It helps me control bad habits of wasting my own time. 

Do any of you have things you have to stop yourself from doing to keep from wasting your time?

It is a real problem for me and distracts my mind. So, instead of falling into a period of time when I have nothing to do, and can allow my mind to wander. I instantly pull up the game on my phone and shuts off any sort of imagination that comes with a wandering mine. Such a counter productive thing for creatives. 

Wandering minds and imagination are such an important part of my process. 

If the rough writing day wasn’t enough yesterday, the family sat down to watch some Halloween shows after the grand-babies were put to bed. It got quiet in the room, which is never a good sign. When their mother went to check on them the next time around all I heard was her yelling at her oldest. 

Me, being grandma went to go check to see if everything was okay. The oldest had white stuff in his hair, and dots on his face. My daughter was crouched on the ground with wipes and her youngest son’s blanket. I’ll admit, at this point I still had no clue the severity of the situation or what exactly was going on.

She explained that he’d gotten into diaper rash ointment somehow, which she had no idea where it was even from, but was in a fit of tears trying to clean it up. 

I called to her son and told him to come with me and we will just stick him in the tub. A quick bath should solve the trick, right? No harm, no foul.

Then she brings me the youngest at the same time. It made so much more sense on why she was in tears at that point. He was covered in the slimy goo, head to toe. 

I busted up laughing. Granted, I made sure they were okay and I got them clean. No diaper rashes covering a body in this house. Nope, the three-year-old solved that problem. Needless to say, I spent a good portion of the night scrubbing them up to get it off, while their mother cleaned the bedroom and reassembled her composure. Poor girl.

Just as an FYI for those that have children that coat themselves like that…baby powder absorbs that greasy substance and then you can wash the paste off from there, leaving them clean. It also helps so they aren’t so slick to pick up and put in the tub. 

Hopefully today will be a less…adventurous day on the children front. Until next time, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Silence Can Be Scary

  1. Lol. Glad i’m Not the only one with inquisitive grandies. Mine has a thing about powder and anything white so we have to be sure all powder is behind childproof bathroom doors and sugar, flour and salt on top shelves. On the writing, your doing great!

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