2018 · October

A Change of Mentality

Hello, Readers! Welcome to another Saturday musings. 

My editor cat decided that five in the morning on the weekend was a good time to wake and start the day. Considering my new schedule that I am working on adhering to starts at five, this worked well for me. 

My first day on this new schedule was amazing. Not only did I manage to get some writing done, but I was able to squeeze in so much more into my schedule. I wasn’t left running around like I’d lost my mind. My day didn’t run me, I ran it.

It was the most amazing and empowering feeling ever.  Even if it was a bit of a rocky start yesterday morning, I managed to get it all together by nine in the morning and was back on track. 

I do have to say that I’m rather proud of myself for yesterday. Not only with the schedule, writing and accomplishing so much, but we went out to eat and I stayed on my healthy eating lifestyle. It helps that every time I ask hubby man what he thinks I should do, he returns with this question, what do you feel like doing?

While it seems like an easy harmless question, it helps immensely. It gives me a chance for my brain to slow down. By doing so, I don’t make rash decisions and I always say I don’t actually want to cheat on my eating style. So then, I enjoy a meal on my plan.

I don’t know about mass amounts of weight loss, but I feel tons better. My clothes fit better and walking for a long time is not as much of a painful experience. As of Monday, I will have been on this healthy style for two weeks and I can add in exercise as well, which will be amazing. I have missed it. 

When I lost my way for a few months there, that is one of the things I had enjoyed. Exercising and meditation. They were such a benefit to my days, keeping me more positive and my depression a bit further away. Not that I won’t always struggle with depression, but exercise helps immensely to better control it. 

I am truly working hard to try to relax and be a better person. I’m spending more time unwinding thanks to the schedule and I don’t feel generally as tense. Hopefully, that will also help with the muscle spasms and anxiety flares that have increased significantly this year. 

While I know there will still be days that are harder to manage, I hope that during the easier days I am instilling better routines to help get through those days easier and less like the train wreck they’ve been in the past. 

Now, I need to go write up a post as a friend is giving me a spotlight for Malevolent Mind for a Halloween run on her blog. Until next time, Readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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