2018 · October

Deep Cleaning and Organization

Hello, Readers! Yesterday was pure chaos.

My oldest daughter and I decided to get our craft on. We sat down to work on my Christmas project for my niece. As I’m sure she doesn’t read my blog, I will tell you about it.

It doesn’t matter where my sister and her man take those kids, my niece takes photos. Which is great, but let me explain the funny behind it all. Almost every photo she takes is always of the animals butt. It isn’t even something she was doing intentionally, but it happened regardless. 

Knowing this I’d always teased her about taking photos of animals butts. Well, this year at the name drawing I got her name. I was beyond excited and knew exactly what to do. I’m currently in the process of making her a photo album of animal butts photos that she has taken. (My sister is amazing and slid me a cd filled with her photos on it). Not only am I scrapbooking the pictures onto decorative paper but I’m including three interesting facts about each animal as she is always asking zookeepers and aquarium workers information on the animals. 

This seemed like an easy enough task to work on yesterday, but as my daughter and I sat down to work on it everything went wrong. We spent two hours labeling the animals so we could get the facts as specific as possible. Afterward we separated them into groups so the book would be organized. Once that was complete we sat down to work on the pages. 

Apparently I don’t use enough glue sticks or white glue in my house. The few that I did have were so old that they smeared crap on the back of the paper, but it stuck to nothing, not even my finger. We tried the second glue stick I had stuck to the page fine, but it pulled out the plastic part that allows it to turn up and down. 

At that point, my daughter and I gave up. We’d spent four and a half hours and accomplished two pages by pure luck and craft glue. It was a tiny victory, so we decided to dig into cleaning and organizing my daughter’s room.

Today is my grandson’s third birthday and we are having his party as well. She needed space to be able to move in all his new things. So we spent the rest of the night working on that before settling in to watch comedies. 

While it wasn’t productive in the writing front we did manage to get her room under control and her clothes sorted through. Now, we are busy making sure we have everything for the birthday part. As excited as my grandson is, we are all hearing about his PJ Mask birthday party. 

I still swear, I blinked, that was all I did and he’s already three. Seems like only yesterday my daughter was bringing him home from the NICU. 

I have to dig into work afterward to get my writing in, but that is okay because I know the next part so well. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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