2018 · October

Learning My Journey

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my crazy blog. It is a chilly Monday morning here in Utah. Fall is fully upon us and snow is starting to cover the mountaintops, though we probably won’t see a snow that sticks until early December down here in the valley. 

This weekend was a busy one for this house. My grandson’s third birthday and party were on Saturday. It turned out really great and he had a blast. All the running around on the park was exhausting and most of us ended up napping later that day. I was one of them.

Sunday I woke up feeling icky so I took medication and declared it movies in bed day. My hubby man set up my laptop at the end of the bed and we watched shows while sleeping on and off. 

After the week we had last week, I have to say it was a much needed rejuvenation day. We both were able to get up today and not begrudge the workload in front of us.

I also have come to terms with the fact that I can write five thousand words a day to finish the draft of a novel, but I need to remember that type of a push will only sustain me for a few months before I will need to take some time to recharge my batteries. 

While I’ve been so busy trying to avoid falling into my old trap of taking a year off, I didn’t consider that I did actually need a decent amount of time off before I could return to my five thousand word days. As you will have read, I was writing most day, but nothing significant to my standards. 

That frustrated me, time and time again, which all raised my anxiety and triggered my depression. It became difficult to fight it all. As a writer that fights anxiety and depression on a daily basis, like most of you out there, the endless cycle of mental self abuse wasn’t good. 

My body finally told me I’d had enough and I ended up sick. I don’t feel any better today and will be taking medication in a bit. I’m also aware that the medication will knock me out, but before I go down I need to get a few things accomplished first. Like getting my daughter off to school. 

Until then I will settle in and get some writing done. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Learning My Journey

  1. A movie in bed day sounds delightful! I’m happy you’re learning to do what’s best for you and to take care of yourself.

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