2018 · October

The Videos Shared

Hello, Readers!! Welcome back to my crazy life. 

The Hubby Man and I often share videos back and forth that we find interesting or helpful. It is something that we’ve done for a few years now as we both work together on personal growth. 

I do have to say that it is the greatest thing for me. Not only does it show how well that we know each other, but often times he finds videos to share that help me with aspects that maybe I haven’t seen as clearly. I’m not saying he shares videos like how not to be a raging beast, or learn to clean your house, or whatever cruel videos can be found out there. 

These are self help videos that are fascinating, like dealing with Self Criticism, which he knows I struggle with. He’s even shared ones that instruct on how to get out of your own way. The type of videos that are actually helpful and not destructive.

Lately, I’ve really been struggling with not reaching goals that I’ve set for myself. It has been a sore spot for me for a month now, as you can guess by my posts. There are days where I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, that things just go wrong. 

These are the worst days for me and I spend a great deal of time tearing myself apart. They are also the ones where I prefer to be left alone in my misery and I withdraw for the world at large. As you can guess, as these days are piling up, I can spend a great deal of time hidden away from the world just internally beating myself up. Which in turn makes the depression horrible.

Anyway, I digress, today he shared an amazing video about self-criticism. One of the major points that I took from that video is that if things feel like they’re going wrong or you aren’t accomplishing things, step away from the project. Don’t give up and hide away, but instead do a different project that you know you can accomplish. Such as clean something or like he states in his video his wife told him to go mow the lawn or do something he can accomplish. The reason behind this is so that you realize you can accomplish things and in turn, it helps to sort of alleviate that self-criticism and defeating mental cycle we all get into.

It is most definitely something that I will apply to my own life starting today. If you would be interested in listening and watching the podcast yourself so you may glean your own treasure from it, you can find it here.

The Hubby Man assures me that you can listen to many interesting podcasts from this same group as well. Their vlog/video podcast is Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project if you simply want to search the on YouTube. 

Until next time, Readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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