2018 · October

PreNano Jitters

Hello, Readers!

For those of you that may not know. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is where a group of creatives get together online to join in the same challenge – writing 50,000 words in one month. 

I began doing NaNoWriMo in November of 2012. Soul Reaper was my first book written during that time. I have done it consecutively every year with varying degrees of success. However, in the seven years of participating, that will include this year I only have three wins on record. This year I hope to make it my fourth. 

I have struggled in the past to keep up with the rapid regimen with everything that usually comes during Nano, which includes The Hubby Man’s birthday and Thanksgiving among holiday shopping as well. Plus, if I’m honest here, I do like to be that I struggled with writing for many years. 

I constantly wondered if I was writing in the right genre and if that maybe was part of why I was stuck. Now, I realize that is exactly what kept me stuck beyond learning to the discipline and grit needed to sit down every day (for me) and write. All of this mixed together to create a whirlwind of issues that kept me not writing for most of those NaNo years.

As we approach November I could feel the buzz circling the writers community once more. Everyone was gearing up NaNo once more. Professional to hobby writers were gearing up once more. NaNo prep had begun and I could feel the excitement coursing through my veins. A month long challenge to sit and get my work done – Heck Yeah!

Then doubt crept into my thoughts. My winning losing streak, not great. And while I’ve written 5k a day for awhile to finish up The Opseti Guard my word count since then had suffered and dropped to a few hundred. Was I kidding myself by signing up to do this again? If I couldn’t get my word count up to at least 2,000 a day I’d be sunk before it started. 

It isn’t even like the 2,000 a day would finish the novel, but man would it put a big dent into it. This is also book two of the Treaty of Dragons series. The one I believed would be finished by the middle of the month and then I thought by the end of the month. I wasn’t on such a good roll. 

Coming off such a downer, I wasn’t sure I’d made a grand decision to sign up for NaNo again. This is how it always happens. I’d get super excited about the prospect of competing and get into the entire NaNoWriMo vibe and when November rolled around I can usually keep up the first week. Once that is over, though, the wheels fall right off that train and I collapse. 

Under The Hubby Man’s encouragement, I haven’t pulled out of the challenge yet. He is pushing, saying he knows I can do it. Thing is, I know as well. If there was ever a year that I could master this challenge it is this year once more. I can break my losing streak and create a whole new one.

I have more determination and grit now then I’ve ever had. So, that meant I was going to have to practice butt in chair, hands on keyboard method and not let myself up until I’d at least gotten halfway to my goal. I’m now back on the streak of writing at least 2k a day and I am feeling massively better. 

That forward momentum for the book has convinced me that I’ll be okay. I can do anything I set my mind to, but sometimes it is hard to get me to set it there completely. No escape plan. No excuses. Do the work.

That is the mentality I have to take to this challenge. Until next time, Readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing. 

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