2018 · November

Halloween Cake Pictures, Methods, and Recipes

Hello, Readers!

I promised some of you that I’d do a blog on the yearly Halloween cake, so here it is. I have to say that I was sick this Halloween so the Hubby Man made the cake with the help of our oldest daughter and some from our youngest daughter. I was there as a supervisor, but I’m sure I wasn’t much help. 

First off, we started with a really basic cake recipe that the Hubby Man loves, Pumpkin Cake.

It was an easy cake. The consistency of that is more like a thin peanut butter than your average cake recipe so it can be difficult to spread or get flat in the pan. If you find that you do struggle with this you can add two eggs to help thin it out a bit further. We did not do that. 

We did six cakes in total. 2 – 10 inch, 2- 8 inch, 2 4 inch. The big gap between the 8 inch and 4 inch was used to place characters that would need more space. 

Over two days we got all of the cakes baked and cooled. During that process we made Rice Krispie treats that would provide the base for the characters, fireplace, and sandworm. The recipe calls for 40 marshmallows we did 30 so it would not remain as gooey and it would dry out faster for stability reasons.

This is what we molded for it. 

Once that was finished we assembled the cakes using a Cream Cheese Buttercream. 

I decided that we should go with a cream cheese buttercream because it wouldn’t be overly sweet and I like the flavor pairing between pumpkin and cream cheese in desserts. As I thought the cake needed another texture and chocolate chips always go with pumpkin cake, I thought we’d leave them out of the cake and spread them between the layer so they remained harder, but added just a touch of sweetness to the cakes.

After making the layers even

layers we created the layers was we spread a buttercream layer, sprinkled the chocolate chips on and then added the last cake layer. 

Once that was complete we dirty iced the cake. Which means we applied a thin layer of buttercream to the outside of the cake to hold on all the crumb so as we coated the cake one more time the crumbs weren’t spread further and continually falling off. Doing this step allows for the second layer to be cleaner and look presentable.

After we dirty iced the cake (thing so you can still see some cake through), we chilled the cakes and then applied the second layer of icing.

The next step was to hot knife any inconsistencies in the buttercream. While the cakes are shown in the fridge after the second layer, they were moved to the freezer to harden the buttercream onto the outside before they hot knifed. By hardening the buttercream a bit it allowed for a cake spatula to be soaked in hot water, wiped of water so the metal stayed hot but not wet and spread over the buttercream to even it out.

After this, the fondant comes into play. While I don’t have pictures of that, the hubby man rolled it out onto a plastic sheet for ease of flipping it onto the cake and all cake layers were covered and then placed back into the fridge to remain cold and keep the cream cheese buttercream good.

As our fridge isn’t large enough to assemble the cake in and keep it whole any longer, assembly of the cake didn’t happen until the morning of delivery.

Once the cakes were finished and ready to go, we began working on the details of the fireplace, sandworm, and characters. The theme for the cake was Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse). While the Hubby Man worked on the fireplace and sandworm, my oldest daughter and I worked on constructing the character from the rice krispie treats, fondant and my favorite modeling chocolate. 

The rice krispie treat characters were covered in buttercream frosting to allow for the fondant to stick easier. Once that was done an they were allowed to harden, assembly began. We worked with the fondant and modeling chocolate using special tools to mold them. While I know I could have done a better job with the characters and it really irked my perfectionism, I did the best I could given the fact that I was wearing protective gloves to keep the food safe due to being sick.

The next day came delivery and I woke early to pull the leftover buttercream from the fridge to get back to room temperature. Once it was back there I whipped it back up with my mixer and became assembly. A small dab of the buttercream went between the layers to hold the cakes together. Also as I forgot to mention there is an array of supports in that cake on each layer to keep them from collapsing into one another.

As each layer was stacked upon the next, it was ready for the characters to be placed. I added a decorative touch to not only hide the edge of each layer, but to add one last splash of color to go along with it all. 

We then drove it almost an hour to be delivered to the hubby man’s work and we all prayed it held up the entire time. Once delivered we placed a strobe light onto it for effect. As our dear friend dressed up as Betelgeuse for the party we took a picture with him and the cake.

And that is how we made this year’s Halloween cake, or better yet, how the hubby man and oldest mainly made the cake.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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