2018 · November

Nearing the End

Hello, Readers!

I know I’ve missed a few blog posts, and there is a chance I will miss a few more. As most of you know by now, that I have set myself the goal of finishing this first draft of the second Treaty of Dragons novel before Thanksgiving.

As I spent most of the first of the month barely hitting NaNo goal of 1,667 words a day or I didn’t even get that, I’m now writing the majority of the book in a crunch. You would think after all these years that I’d be used to this by now. However, it is still a source of great frustration for me.

I’m estimating that the novel will come in around the 85,000 marks. This isn’t an exact count, obviously, but a general range. However, that means that I’m guesstimating how much word count I will have at the end and using that to figure out my word count I need each day.

This may turn sticky if I have guessed too low and really need to push the last couple of days to finish it. Not that I wouldn’t be excited for a large book. If I can get a good rhythm going and get over the 6,267 words I need for these last seven days, and by significant amounts I may be in even more trouble at the last day or so. 

I’m really hoping to be writing more than that goal word count every day. Yesterday I did clear it, but only by a few hundred more. I had an early college thing to attend for my youngest. Tomorrow, I have a movie to go see for the hubby man’s work. 

Which, I also have a book release that day and need to set up all the media for that as well. That is going to make time crunches harder to get over that word count limit. Or even, it could completely cause me to miss it. That would be frustrating. 

I know there are still some of you sitting there going, but you have until the end of the month to hit NaNo, why are you freaking out?

I get that, I do, but I set myself a deadline to have this first draft finished. There should have absolutely been no reason I couldn’t hit it, but that it was so far out that I goofed off in the beginning. Now that the time has run out…I’m in it to win it.

Like my best friend informed me yesterday, I do all my best work under pressure. 

I think I finally know that reason too. Once I’m under pressure it takes away all the distractions for me. Well, they don’t go away, but I don’t use them any longer. I become laser focused on my goals and can accomplish them. 

Now, I’m at 7 days to write over half this novel. It’s going to be a push, but I look forward to it.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

NaNo Word Count: 41,131           Today’s Goal: over 48,000

3 thoughts on “Nearing the End

  1. I crossed through 50k yesterday – after pretty much keeping away from social media for two weeks 🙂 I was surprised how quickly the words appear when you remove distractions.

    1. Congratulations!!! That is a huge accomplishment. Social media gets me every time! I will be setting up hootsuite to run my promotions for my anthology on Friday. After that. I’m going to try your method and stay away from social media until I’m done. 🙂

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