The Struggle Is Real

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog. 

As I explained yesterday about my horrible anxiety attack, it left me pretty well taken out for the weekend. I thought for sure that once the week started again I’d be right back in the saddle and kicking butt. Problem is that just hasn’t been happening.

Part of that is due to yesterday being absolutely chaos in our house. Not to mention my youngest has gone and come down sick right before Thanksgiving. So, needless today she is currently curled up on my couch and resting with plenty of fluids. This kid is sick every year, the only thing that changes is which holiday it would be rather Thanksgiving or Christmas. As she was healthy as far as I could see when she went to her dad’s I didn’t have warning signs to be pumping her full of vitamin C and immune boosters. Needless to say, Thanksgiving will be her holiday of sickness this year.

Anyway, that really hurt my word count yesterday with everything that went on. However, today I really need to dig in and get my work down. It has become so difficult since winning NaNo to focus. I just really don’t want to not finish this novel for more than the reason of it being the second in a series. It needs to happen. 

I’ve done that to myself in years past where once I won NaNo that was it for me and I quit writing on that novel. This time it won’t be that way, but if I don’t dig in and get my word count I need each day, then I won’t finish the novel by the end of the month, let alone before this busy weekend. 

I also know that given the severity of that anxiety attack, I don’t want a repeat occurrence either. So, I’m still trying to find the line in which to draw where I’m pushing myself to get my word count done but not so hard that I’m driving myself toward another anxiety attack.

I even know that now that I’ve had that sort of a breakdown that my body has reset itself and I can push with extreme severity once more before it’ll hit that point again. Only, I don’t want to go through that again so the struggle is real on where to the draw line or not to.

Anyway, with all that being said I need to dig into my work and will be. I won’t write on Thanksgiving or the day after. One is a holiday for spending time with family and the other is the hubby man’s birthday. Also, if you ask him it is our dog Truckie’s birthday as well. 

If you’ve been around long enough you are aware that Truckie is a pretty important part of this family. He is my husband’s emotional support dog. He works hard to keep my husband feeling better after he helped on rescue and retrieve and eventually clean up for 9-11. After many years of truly suffering, Truckie came into our lives when he was needed most. 

So, in that aspect he is a celebrated part of our lives like children. He gets a special can of wet dog food and gifts for his birthday. While the Hubby Man and dog celebrate them on a combined birthday. Luckily, he hasn’t asked me to make the dog a cake as well, though I suppose if their birthdays weren’t so close to Thanksgiving I would. It makes the hubby man smile and happy and honestly…I’d do a lot to see him that way.

I’m also making a chocolate cake with cherry pie filling and a whipped frosting for the hubby for his birthday. That will be fun and it’ll all happen the day after Thanksgiving…first, I’ll have to dig myself out of the dish mess that always is that holiday.

Also the weekend after is the family Christmas party. I’m super excited for that as it is a chance to get together with the family and celebrate once more. Plus, I’ve worked really really hard on my niece’s Christmas gift and I’m so eager for her to see it.

Lots of things planned and I’ll try to remember pictures of it all to share. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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