2018 · November

All Browsers Open and None Loading Fully

Hello, Readers! First, let me apologize for my blog post yesterday. The hubby man came to me later that day and informed me that my blog read pretty much like his thoughts – All over the place.

Between timing his birthday cake making, and what needs to be prepped and done today, versus what times everything else should be done tomorrow – well, my brain is all over the place. 

I had to take my medication to get it all calm down so I could focus, but for the most part, I felt like I spent all day yesterday with a ton of browsers open and none were loading fully. So, as I’d go to load one browser I’d already be clicking on another before that one even had time to finish loading.

This honestly has been the way my brain has been running for a few months now. It’s the holiday times so I’m balancing, or at least trying to balance a hundred lists right now. Between Thanksgiving food, cook times and temperatures, birthday cake designs and recipes, Christmas shopping lists galore. I have a list for what my kids want for Christmas, what has already been purchased, what still needs to be purchased. I have a list for games and food during our Christmas Eve fun. I even have a list of things that still need to be purchased and taken to the family Christmas party.

I truly thought I was being super organized this year by creating all these lists, but honestly, there are so many of them I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Yet, I know if I didn’t have them….I would have a meltdown before Christmas. 

Needless to say, with all of these lists and such going on and trying to make sure that everything is done once this novel is finished I’m taking time off until after Christmas. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing. I’ve learned how horrible that is for me, but I won’t be doing anything as serious as the Treaty of Dragons series books. Okay, baring that the plot line for it comes to me in miraculous form and I have to write it right away. That would probably motivate me to plot it out and start working on it ahead of schedule. Otherwise, I will be writing short stories or some other fluffy piece that will more than likely never see the light of day. I won’t say that with absolute, but the plan is to stretch my wings a bit and relax with it.

I still am set to finish this novel by the end of this month, which is super exciting for me. It’s been a year of major accomplishments for me. Two complete novels that will be ready for an editor next year, a part in an anthology, and finding my determination. Not only have I completed two novels but they both go to the same series, which is a feat in its own. 

Next year will be even better.

That is where I’m at in everything and my brain is still doing the many browsers open bit, but we shall tame that beast on its own. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

3 thoughts on “All Browsers Open and None Loading Fully

  1. Wow that’s great you completed the second novel! I knew you could!
    As for the all over the place lists your going to think this crazy but make a list of your lists… first spread out all of your lists… then put in the order you want to do them. On the master list you number 1-? The write a brief summery of each list such as Christmas party , writing, whatever if one you work on in small bites you put under each number A… work on list 3 .. complete list 2 etc then it’s not so overwhelming and time consuming going through all the lists, it’s rright on the front page. When done with one highlight in a pretty color! Good luck

  2. I know what you mean about balancing everything around the holidays. It’s a wonder you’ve done so well with your writing, but I’m very proud of you for it.

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