2018 · November

A New Trial Technique

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my crazy blog.

As writers we are constantly reforming the techniques and tweaking them so they work better for us. I’ve been in a serious love hate relationship with my own technique for a while now. 

I am a heavy outliner. It wasn’t something I started out doing. In fact, in the beginning, I much preferred to be a pantser. After reading many blogs, books, and such on how to be a professional writer they all said outlining was the only way to go. Being so new to the writing world, I believed them and so began my quest for the plotting method that worked for me. 

A year ago, I found my method I used now where is started out as a breakdown of the seven major plot point per plot line I have running through a book. At that point then I sort it into the order it’ll go into and break it down into chapters.

It has been amazing in the spot that I always know what I’m writing, but that has also been binding in so many different ways. I lost all sense of creativity as these were incredibly details outlines. They made all logical sense. I made sure of that. No plot holes, none of that.

However, I’ve begun to find this plotting method stifling in so many ways, so I’m going to be tweaking my method to find a happy medium in it all. After a conversation with my dear friend and soul sister, Ellie Mack, she told me how she does it because she was feeling the same way. So, after this novel I will be attempting that method. 

As this novel was already plotted completely out and has been dragging like nothing else, the hubby man and I talked it out. I’m going to attempt to run the last bit of this novel without the cards. That way it will hopefully be more freeing and I will be able to finish this book faster by bringing the creativity back into my work.

That is the hope anyway.

As I already feel more free then I have in the long time, I’m keeping my positivity that this work. I can smooth out anything in edits. That is what I keep reminding myself. 

Now to dig into my work and see how this goes. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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