2018 · December

Unwrapping Catastrophy

Hello, Readers!

I have to say at first when I took away my own index cards and gave them to the hubby man I was worried about my writing. For a few days, I wasn’t writing. I had a great fear that by removing the cards and the writing schedule that it would doom me and I’d fall into a habit of not writing once more.

On Monday it was different. I woke up extremely excited to write and I sat down to work. I let the words flow from me. No pressure on word count or even where I was going. I sat down and enjoyed it like I did the first time I started writing. It was the most incredible feeling ever.

For those of you that are new here, this isn’t a common occurrence for me. I have spent so many years studying plotting, schedules, and how to be far more productive that I have literally sucked the fun out of my passion. This is the first time in many years that I am sitting down to write for the joy of writing. That while I may remember slivers from the index card plots it is never enough to take that sense of exploration away from my writing.

Due to this and writing because I love writing I managed to kick out almost five thousand words. Not only is that a nice amount but more so it was an amount that I didn’t even notice pass by at the time. It was just sitting down to write the bit in my head. To finish the chapter that I’d been thinking about while I ate lunch. 

And that, that sensation right there. That is what I’ve been searching for in my writing. I have wanted that back so much – to love what I do once more and now I’ve found it.

As for the book, I’m super close to finishing it off. Another chapter or two and it will be done. Not that I’m holding it to that, but because that is the sensation I feel when I sit down to write, that I’m simply tying up some lose ends.

I woke up at one this morning and had to write. I sat at my computer and I worked for a few hours before not even coffee was holding me awake. At that point, I knew I needed to grab another hour of sleep before waking my daughter and then once she was off to school and I’d written more I fell back asleep.

That is when the title for this blog post occurred. I’d allowed myself to fall back to sleep and I shouldn’t have. My daughter just doesn’t hear her kids wake up in the morning and now they are both in toddler beds this is a bad thing. 

I just didn’t realize how bad until I woke up to my three-year-old grandson screaming. I can hear wrapping paper and scissors and it makes no sense. Pretty much everything in this house that needed wrapping is done so I go out into the living room to see my daughter on the floor surrounded by presents that we’ve wrapped previously, only they aren’t wrapped any longer. 

The two boys had managed to move the gate we had around the tree and open about half the presents under it. Which means, they know pretty much most of their Christmas. The only blessing is their mother has no idea hers because by some miracle they hadn’t hit any of her gifts yet.

Still, they ruined their own surprise of opening gifts for the first time, which isn’t as big of a deal for the youngest as he won’t remember anyway. However, the oldest will. Oh well, he won’t get to play with any of them or anything until Christmas day.

That being said, it’s still sad for me. We went through a similar experience with my youngest daughter quite a few years back. I’d grabbed my layaway off K-Mart the day before she had early out and hadn’t been able to wrap them yet as I had to babysit the next day. She’s snooped in the box and knew everything she was getting for Christmas.

For me, that ruins Christmas as watching the people I love open the gifts I picked out for them is my favorite part of it. I spend months picking out what I think are perfect gifts so when they ruin it by snooping early it makes me sad. 

Nothing I can do about that now, though. These boys will just have to know what they are getting. Not to mention we have been doing the Elf on the Shelf with my oldest grandson and yesterday he decided to play with elf, messing that up too. 

I realize he is three and I shouldn’t have put it down where he could touch it to begin with, but I had figured his mother would have used tongs to pick up the elf and move him out of reach knowing the temptation. Apparently, I was wrong.

Have any of you ever had your kids spoil their own Christmas by snooping early?

Until next time remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Unwrapping Catastrophy

  1. That’s funny but terrible too. I love watching them open and sorry they ruined it for you. I’ve done it once when I was about 14. Never again lol

    1. Yeah. I found my mom’s receipt for Christmas shopping one year and she’d marked who each gift was for. I discovered I was getting a snoopy snowcone maker. It felt dreadful to know and I didnt look any longer

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