2018 · December

Prepping for the New Year

Hello, Readers!

Like I said yesterday, I’m working on my goals for the new year. Which means trying to find a new way to organize my life. I’ve tried a small year planner that I picked up from Walmart. I thought it would do the trick. In the beginning of the month it has a spot for important dates, goals and such, which should have worked amazing. Except I simply don’t use it beyond the to-do list of the every day. I’m not even sure why that is.

That is something that I’m hoping to get better about. Like most things, using a planner is a habit. I even thought about transferring my life back into a Bullet Journal once more. I did use them a whole lot more. It allowed my creativity to sore among other things. The problem was they took up so much time to set up for each month, which is why I let them fall away to begin with.

The thing is I need something that I can break down my goals a lot easier and have more room to work then what is provided on the small pages in this one. So, needless to say, I’m back to thinking about bringing my bullet journal back out.

Like my methods when writing, my methods to organizing my life are in a constant state of flux until I find the methods that work well for me. There are plenty of things that I wish to do. One of them being my new writing goals.

A dear friend of mine reads a book for every year she is alive and then adds one book as she will be turning that age during the year. I think it is a brilliant idea for me. I managed to read thirty-one this year and as I will be thirty-nine this year, that seems like a good place to start to increase my reading. So there is goal one.

That isn’t to mention my writing goals, which I’m still working out how many books I believe I can release in a year. Not to mention my workout goals and things of that nature.

Having the bullet journal would make these things a whole lot easier to keep track of as I could use as many pages as I’d like to create the methods for tracking these and the mini goals along the way.

While the small one on my desk works well to track my daily tasks, a larger one to track the rest of my life might be just what I need. Here is to figuring that out in the new year as well.

Here is to a healthier and happier me in the coming year. Do you have goals or resolutions? How to track yours?

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

4 thoughts on “Prepping for the New Year

  1. I have two of the small Walmart ones one for work one for life. I use to use the giant desk colander and that worked well. I am considering trying that again and also choosing simple doable goals and not overwhelming tons of changes. Happy New Years. Ps I won’t mentin my reading goals lol

      1. That’s awesome. I have to make schedules and to do list tomorrow and clean my book files so I can find the correct one

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