2019 · January

A Reset To January

Hello, Readers!

What a first week of the year, am I right? Like the end of last year, that week ran me over. In my darkest moments, I really did think it was a sign for how this year would go. I was wrong.

Once I put my wheels back on track and dug in, I’m almost caught back up to where I’m supposed to be for the plans. Sick babies will often derail things, but after the hubby man and I scrubbed down the house and worked on getting book two, Poisonous Revenge ready for the beta readers…I’m feeling much better about the outcome.

It is that darn self care and self forgiveness I really need to work on. One bad week is not going to be a sign for an entire year. It simply means, I had a bad week when it comes to writing and goals. That is all.

I need to finish my reading of book two and doing my edits, then it’s off to the betas for the assessment. Book one is currently with my editor still and word is we will need a few passes, which is usual and she is loving it. So, yay!

Once I click send on the beta email then I will be off and running with book three and getting that back on track until the edits come back. It is all plotted out and ready to go, I’ve even been toying around with some new titles for it. I wasn’t truly fond of the working one I had.

Somewhere in all of that I will fit in writing the blurb for book two. That is something I’m hoping that I will get faster and better at. Even if I write a temporary one before the book is written that will give me a jumping off point when I finished.

So, here is to a restart for this month for me. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

3 thoughts on “A Reset To January

  1. Life is trying to derail me too. I’m not right where I need to be but am close. If you get good and fast atblurbs you can do mine… for practice lol,

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