2019 · January

The Night Before

Hello, Readers!

I have struggled with a blog post all day. After trying several different ideas out and discarding them all I gave up this morning. I simply loaded my work in progress and set out to do my work.

I knew what I needed to accomplish today which meant waking up in accordance with my ability to complete these. This is a technique I have been using a lot. Instead of spending my morning trying to plan out my take I tend to take a few moments before bed to work on it. The bonus to this is I can set my alarm earlier or later as needed.

I do still journal before I get started and I try to write my blogs early in the day as well. While that isn’t always the case and sometimes I forget them, it is a work in progress.

Today, I had the goal of writing 5,000 by the end of my work day. I awoke, did my journal and set out on my task. Thanks to the hubby man at 2,500 I could have the energy drink he bought me. When I reached my full 5,000 words for the day, I could have the small Harry Potter Lego kit he had for me.

While this isn’t a method we use all the time, it does work to start getting you used to resetting your focus. I am proud to say that I received both of those and hit my 5,000 without much problem today.

Also, once that was over, I finished cleaning out my bedroom closet and got things ready there. It has left my bedroom feeling larger. The sense of accomplishment from managing to do all of this is extreme. Of course, so it the exhaustion that has come with it. I was going to try to stay up late and write another 5,000 so that when I wasn’t around tomorrow it was finished, but I can’t keep my eyes open.

So, off to bed with me. As I still have 5,000 to hit before I leave, that means a four a.m. wake up call once more.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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