2019 · February

My Review of the High Performance Planner

Hello, Readers!

Welcome back to my blog. It is a cold day here in Utah. I just wanted to give you a quick update on where we are at before I get into the review. Currently, The Opseti Guard is with my cover artist and formatter. She is working on getting it all ready for the release.

Today I will be working on blog interviews and a media kit for those that will participate in the cover reveal and map reveal. I’m still looking at an end of the month release with this novel.

I will be starting the editing and such with Poisonous Revenge very soon. All the while I will be working on Blood Mage (working title), which is book three in the Treaty of Dragons series.

I am also taking a Masterclass by Neil Gaiman. I’m only on lesson three and wow was it worth the cost. It is absolutely incredible the things that I’ve learned. I’m so glad I listened to my gut and purchased it.

Now, as for my review of the High Performance Planner. I absolutely love the assessments that this planner has. Not only do you review yourself before you begin, but each day and at the end of the week. It focuses on gratitude and how to be a better version of you. Those bits were hands down my favorite pieces to the planner.

What I didn’t like was the month calendar came at the back of each month so you could plan for the next one. I also didn’t care for the schedule tracker in the middle of the page.

This isn’t because I didn’t think it was valuable. In fact, I thought overall the planner was incredible and if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or any other type of person that runs a schedule this planner is most definitely worth the investment.

But for me, as a creative, a stay at home mom, and author – this planner wasn’t for me. I gave up using the schedule as my days aren’t that predictable with little ones in the house. Some days require me to be able to adjust when I need to. So I started just writing my to-do list in the schedule part of it. After a while, I quit using it altogether.

It is large and bulky so not great for someone on the go at all. Not unless you carry a bookbag or briefcase. Maybe even someone that doesn’t need the planner to move around with them.

I think however, I will stick to using my little brain (Bullet Journal). I love the fact that not only can I indulge my creative life into it, but I can constantly adjust it as I go so that it literally does what I need when I need it. I can track anything in it that I feel like drawing up.

So, while I still think there is a time, place, and job that the planner would be a massive benefit. I just don’t think it is right for me.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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