2019 · February

Ridiculously Early Mornings

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog.

I have to say that for the last two days I have been sleeping in a really odd pattern. While I tend to go to bed by midnight my cat has been getting me up around 2 in the morning every morning. At first, I couldn’t figure out why this kept happening.

Sure enough, he gets me up and within a half hour of rising, out comes my oldest grandson. He is completely wound up and wanting attention, every morning. It is like he’s had a full nights sleep and yet I know better.

Often, I am up until almost midnight because he hasn’t fallen asleep yet either. While his mother is generally up during the night time awake hours she has probably just fallen asleep and thought her oldest was out as well.

I believe my cat hears him up and moving around and wakes me up. This was a very common thing when they first moved in and she was pregnant with one while the other was very small. My cat would get in the habit of alerting me when the oldest grandie needed attention so we could let his mother get a little extra sleep due to a rough pregnancy.

While it was a habit that Sata and the grandchild had gotten out of, we seem to be swinging back into grandma is the ridiculous early in the morning caretaker. Now that I have gotten up to take care of the kiddo, my cat is back in bed sleeping peacefully.

I’m not sure this is how it should work for me. While I get a lot more work done early in the morning. It leaves me exhausted when it comes to getting my other daughter up and ready for school.

Ah, the glories of being a grandma with grandies that live in the home. Between the two boys being on different schedules, it is enough to drive anyone to madness, including the mother and grandmother.

Haha, such is the life. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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