2019 · February

Exciting News!

Hello, Readers!

This weekend the hubby man and I went out for our version of a Valentine’s Day celebration date. We often times celebrate it on the minimalist on the day.

However, this year the hubby man made my favorite meal of pork chops on stuffing and slathered in apple pie filling. I absolutely love this meal. He also made the dessert of a chocolate mousse surrounded in swiss cake rolls with a delicious banana flavored whipped topping on top. It was delicious and we all fought over any leftovers.

After that, I didn’t think there was a way he could have topped it for our date out. I was wrong. The hubby man then took me to Salt Lake City on Saturday to The Leonardo Museum to the Jackie Chan Green Hero art display.

Man, oh man, I wish my mother was still alive to have seen that. She loved Jackie Chan as much as I do. The art was so incredible. He has a team that creates these pieces out of old production pieces. They were incredible. His goal is to eliminate so much waste as the movie industry is very wasteful. There were so many great pieces that it would be hard to pick my absolute favorite, but the one piece that stands out for me when I think about it is the one that greets you as you walk in the museum.

It was so incredible and each piece was just as intricate and amazing. We didn’t stop at the Jackie Chan exhibit, though. we wandered the entire museum. It had a section on flight as well from elaborate drones with cameras, to jet packs, and planes. It even had a saying that I think applies to all walks of life.

We had such a blast there and after we decided to check out the Lego Store….that was an adventure. Seriously, we thought we were going to die in the parking lot of the mall that had it inside. The people driving there were insane and had no qualms with running you over. If that wasn’t enough the ones walking inside…same attitude. It was horrendous. We picked out a couple of things. The Hubby man got a Technics fire truck and he bought me the Harry Potter Quidditch set.

Once we finished there we came back to our area for a delicious meal at a restaurant I’d never heard of. It was like a hidden treasure in a business district. Once we entered there it was gorgeous. There was a fountain to greet us at the door and a friendly owner. It was done over in warm colors and just looked classy. If you could ignore the dance class or marching elephants going on above you, then it was quite nice. You can tell the owners tried to alleviate as much of that sound as possible. Otherwise, it was really a great place, even the food was great. Their brisket was amazing and their fries have put all others that I’ve had to shame. Seriously, we will be headed back there again. If you’re in the Ogden area of Utah I recommend Harley and Bucks.

I was so busy enjoying my date with the hubby man that I forgot to announce it here on my blog. The preorder for The Opseti Guard ebook went live!! Yes, it was incredible. You can find it here on Amazon.

Not to mention the proof copy of the book arrived in the mail that same day. It was gorgeous. There were a few minor fomatting issues, that my formatter…God love her, jumped right on and fixed immediately.

I do have another proof copy on its way this week just to make sure that it is all good. At that point, we are set for the print copy to go live in ten days. So lots of exciting things are on the horizon and being done.

If that isn’t enough the Hubby man and I have begun looking for somewhere to move. Hopefully, a home. So, there are lots of exciting things on the horizon for our household.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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