2019 · February

The Opseti Guard Release Day!!!

Hello, Readers!

Today is a very exciting day for me! It is the release of the first in the Treaty of Dragon series. This has been a passion project for me. It was a concept that I had originally come up with many years ago, but it was honestly too big for me where I was at in my writing career.

I’d written a few chapters in the early stages, and my original draft wasn’t anywhere near what the final draft has become. The original draft was written almost two years ago and when I went back through it to tighten it up, I tossed the original draft and simply wrote a new draft.

At first, I had no idea it would turn into a series or anything, but when it came to rewriting that second draft it all came to me. I was able to break it down and write a lot of notes for the series as a whole. Even to this day, I’m still jotting down notes about the series as each book comes along and adds a bit of something to it.

So, as today is release day I thought I’d do something a little different and give you a peek into the novel. This is when they are starting the dragon bonding. As Renna (Elas) isn’t an actual dragon rider, she is afraid that a magic barrier on the entrance into the bonding grounds meant to stop anyone that is not a dragon rider from entering will out her as a fake.

The Treaty of Dragons is in danger. Dragon after dragon are showing up in the infirmary injured to the point of near death. Their supposed valiant riders are claiming it as nothing more than battle wounds. During a time when Thantyr seems at peace, this draws more than a little attention. Especially, when a healer named Renna Alder can connect to the dragons on a deeper level. She sees flashes and bits of what they’ve been through and it sends her into a rage.No longer able to sit by idly and accept that all they can do is fight to keep the dragons alive, she disguises herself as a transfer student named Elas. Under this pretext, she joins the dragon rider school to investigate what really is happening to these dragons. However, what she discovers is something far darker and more sinister than she ever could imagine. Can Renna find a way to save the dragons before she falls to a similar fate? Or has she discovered more than she can handle?

Here is an excerpt:

Renna and Teagan shuffled out side by side to fall into the back of the line. She wrung her hands together in front of her when nobody seemed to be looking. This was it. She would need to disappear out of the line when others entered the grounds, so it wouldn’t be so painfully obvious when she couldn’t pass through the magical barrier.

Renna pretended to fix her shoes, but nobody passed her by to rush into her spot. They merely waited for her to continue, their eyes trained on her. Her ploy had the opposite of the desired effect she’d wanted. Instead, she adjusted her shoe, stood and shuffled along. Now she really had no idea how she was going to make it work.

When they hit the stairs that would lead down into the depths of the castle, she attempted again to let others pass in front of her. Nobody would do it and Teagan stopped on the stairs to wait for her. He waved his hand, his body cast mostly in shadows.

“Come on, Elas. This is going to be great.” He urged her on.

She saw excitement in his eyes as well as apprehension. His voice said one thing, but the rest of his body told a far different story. Renna jogged down the stairs to meet up with Teagan. This time there would be no attempt to get away.

Teagan walked right beside her, hunkering down to whisper, “I’ve waited for this day my entire life; you’d think I would be excited, and I am…a bit. I’m also nervous. It seems like so much is riding on this one ceremony.” Teagan looked around to make sure nobody else heard him say that.

“I know what you mean. I’m feeling it too,” Renna replied.

Their conversation died there. At the bottom of the stairs sat the opening to the bonding grounds. The cool air that came through the doorway indicated an open area. She’d read somewhere that the grounds were imbedded on the side of the mountain where the castle sat, so it was more of an open ground to keep the dragons comfortable. Locking that many dangerous animals in such a small space seemed more than a little deadly.

Renna bet there were past tales of people being killed from the dragons being shut in rooms and unable to fly. It was something she’d have to remember to look up if she ever got out of here. She watched Teagan disappear into the area, his spine straight as a board.

She didn’t get a chance to make one last attempt to avoid going in because a group behind her had gotten rowdy. They shoved someone down the stairs and sent them bumping into her. Renna spilled through the doorway into the grounds. She squeezed her eyes closed, waiting for her body to catch on fire or disappear or something. Nothing happened, and she stood there crouched in on herself with the cool air beating against her skin.

“Hey, Elas. Come on,” Teagan called as he disappeared into another section.

Renna stood then. She opened her eyes and looked around. There had been no barrier there to prevent her from going through, or if there was, she was deemed worthy. While she doubted the latter, it still felt darn good.

She straightened her spine and walked where baby dragons lounged around the area or were playfully batting at each other. A few of the more dominant ones fought for the best places, but their brief spats usually ended quickly enough. Renna made her way over to the edge of the area. She looked out, trying to see Emook flying around. There was no sign of him.

Taking a step closer, Renna put her hand on the stone wall that was left broken open as if the builders had quit one day and nobody else had come to finish it. She slid her thumb and finger into her mouth and let out a whistle. It came out much shriller than she’d expected, drawing the attention of everyone in the room who was there for the bonding, not to mention the dragons. Renna blushed and stepped back into the room.

“What was that about?” one of the other people in there growled out.

“Sorry, I was just curious how far the drop went,” Renna lied.

“What does that have to do with a whistle?” he retorted.

“How much the sound reverberates…you know what…never mind.” Renna shook her head. She went back to looking at all the dragons. There had to be some way for the dragons and the other people to know when they had bonded. Still, she felt nothing as she moved around the area.

Teagan’s head popped back in as he found Renna. “Any luck?” he asked, waving her over to him.

“Nope, you?” Renna followed him into the next room. “Not that I can tell.” Teagan kept moving as he looked around at the dragons. “I keep waiting to feel something, but nothing.” They moved to yet another room.

If you enjoyed the excerpt and wish to read the rest, it can be purchased here or read in Kindle Unlimited.

I am beyond excited about the release of this novel. It not only shows you the pinnacle of the fall of the council, but it begins the journey of The Opseti Guard. You are introduced to a group of characters that you will spend the rest of the series not only getting to know better, but you will get to watch them grow and change as they enter adulthood.

So, with that being said, welcome to Thantyr. May the dragons always be on your side, fair traveler.

As the southernmost region of Nebeth, Thantyr is known for being the home of the dragon council themselves. The Treaty of Dragons series follows a group called The Opseti Guard through their journey to renew the bonds between dragons and humans alike.

In the first installment to the nine-book series, you see not only the fall of the beloved dragon council but the creation of The Opseti Guard themselves. You are taken on a journey of friendship and defining adventures. They learn not only to work as a team, but how what their own strengths are. You will see how they grow through the hardships that they face as well.

If you would like to purchase your copy of The Opseti Guard, it can be found here:



Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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