2019 · March

All The Support

Hello, Readers!

I just want to put out a thank you for all the support that I have been shown along this writing journey. Thanks to all of you the launch of The Opseti Guard has been a huge success and I can’t thank you all enough.

I will be continuing to promote it on all my social platforms. While it is going on I am continuing to work on other projects. I have just filled out an interest form for another charity anthology. I’m really excited about it. This time it is short stories instead of flash fiction, so I get to flex my muscles in a new direction again.

Also, I will be continuing to work on my new project while compiling notes for the new Treaty of Dragons book. I will be starting the process of getting book two ready to go very soon. So that will most definitely release this year as well. I will have one of my biggest release years this year. That is the goal.

I have had so much fun this year writing and sharing everything with all of you. It has been a real blessing to be able to pursue this as my career. Without The Hubby Man’s support, it wouldn’t be possible.

So, here is to an amazing new month filled with a lot more writing and sharing.

Again, thank you for all of your support. It is truly appreciated on so many levels. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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