2019 · March

Camp Nano and Gearing up for Book Three

Hello, Readers!

While my anxiety has been barely controllable, once I do manage to get that control over it, it hasn’t slowed me down none. Yesterday The Hubby Man and I sat down to lay out the major plot points for not only the short story but the third novel are all laid out and ready to go.

Now, all that is left is breaking book three down into the chapters and getting started. I’m hoping to have part of it written before April comes around. That way Camp Nano, which I signed up for could be for part of book three and writing the short story. My intentions are to bring the short story in around the limit of twenty-eight thousand words.

The short story will play into the Treaty of Dragons series as a small teaser piece for those that want to know more about Renna’s parents. I have that one laid out and ready to be written.

So, there are plenty of exciting things happening. Book two, Poisonous Revenge will be going to the editor soon. I’m hoping for a May/June release at the very latest for that one. Then, book three will be released later this year. Also, the short story will show up in the anthology. I believe book four will release this year and possibly book five.

All of this is dependent on if we move this year and we have family coming in that I will be dedicating time to spend with them as well. I’m super excited to meet them as more than on Facebook.

We think, we know what is going on with my anxiety as well, so we have the things to put that back in order as well. Between my lack of eating and my horrible sleep, we think my body is in overload and needs some time to get back on track. Thanks to The Hubby Man I now have sleep aids and I’m making sure to eat more today, even if it is upsetting my stomach.

Until tomorrow, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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