2019 · March

Winter Blues Coming to an End

Hello Readers!

There is something to be said about being able to open doors and windows and let fresh air in after being cooped up for so long. It has been warm for the last few days, though we are due for a slight dip in temperature by the weekend with a chance of snow once more. Still, it’s been nice and I’ll take advantage of it while I can.

The hubby man and I are trying to get the house into some semblance of order after the tear down from Christmas. It has taken us a long time to even want to put the house back together. My part was due to hoping that we’d be moving soon anyway.

I think it’s come to the point to just put the house back in order. My desk is far too wobbly without the L shape attached to it once more. Between the grandbabies and the animals, all bumping into it, not to mention when we get up and down from it, the whole thing shakes and my monitor has about collapsed more times then I’d care to count.

So, it’s time to reassemble the house and dig into the work. I’m still unsure of rather continue breaking this book down into chapters or write it from the basic outline as I have it. However, that being said, pondering over this question just seems more ways for me to procrastinate the actual writing process, which is crazy given the fact I absolutely love the books that I am writing.

I’ve lost track of my writing more times then I can count with trying to find somewhere to move, working on controlling my anxiety and depression, and all the schedules in the house. It’s most definitely taken its toll more times then I can count. I need to get focused and get things done.

I know what I want to accomplish and how to do it. Now to just not only create a plan of action but to actually hold to it. That is the part I’ve had problems with lately. I’ve created a lot of plans, but I haven’t stuck to them. I find myself easily sidetracked in one direction or another.

So, here is to making my spring/summer/fall seasons just as productive as my winter has been.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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